Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Have you all heard of Chairish? It's an amazing and reputable resource for vintage home goods with price tags that won't make your jaw drop (well at least most of the time). 

Recently they reached out to fresh quince and asked if I'd like to participate in their Mix n Match Style Challenge. The theme - Mid-Century Modern Mixed. Check out there extensive selection of MCM items here

Using all Chairish items, I created this bold living room. MCM sofas seem to be the chameleon of sofas. They effortlessly match almost every style and can be dressed up in velvet, dressed for play in leather or in a bold patterned fabric for fun. They are hands down my favorite style of sofa. 

Image of Longwy Boule Coloniale by Maurice P. Chevallier
This amazing vase was my inspiration for the living room above. 

This design is extremely eclectic in styles, but the semi-monochromatic palette keeps it cohesive in my eyes. French Bergere chairs with a velvet MCM sofa...why not!?! 


Mix what you love. Love what you mix.

Thanks Chairish for the challenge! 


  1. Fabulous! The top one is my favorite. You should win the prize.

  2. Loving your pictures and the original and beautiful way you have put your story across - you're an inspiration and I am following your journey - awesome work!

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