Thursday, October 16, 2014

Home Again Home Again

Jiggity Jig!

As you can boldly see, I chose yellow for our front door. It's a custom color due to the fact that our initial color, Yellow by Ben Moore, was just too electric. So I brought the can back to the paint shop and adjusted it to the above color. I call it Bonne Jaunee.

We've finally moved back into our renovated home. Okay, okay, it's been like three months (maybe four) since we moved in. It has been life changing. For the past 8 years, we've lived in a small awkward home. It only had 2 usable bedrooms. One was tiny and the other was a loft area without a door and with a single window in an odd spot. It was the former attic converted to living space and it was our bedroom. We shared it with our son...don't judge :). He had his space and we had ours. When people say they live a bohemian lifestyle, I always think...they have no idea. We loved it (well my husband did at least), until I asked my son how he wanted to decorate his side, he said, "First I want windows and then a door." We took the hint loud and clear. Then came number 2 and, shock, number 3. After trying over 10 years to get pregnant unsuccessfully, then suddenly becoming fertile is definitely surprising. And having 2 back to back, when I thought I was destined to only have 1 is shocking. Wonderfully shocking! Anyway my point is our home wasn't working for us any more, but we love where we live and I knew our home had great potential. So here we are...extremely grateful!