Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sneak Peek: Condo Kitchen

We are finally in our old one bedroom condo, while our addition is being built. (Yes, we are packed like sardines in here with a toddler, preteen, 2 sort of grownups, a cat and baby on the way...CRAZY!) We had to renovate before moving back in, so I have a few before and afters to share soon. The kitchen isn't quite complete, but I wanted to post a midway snapshot before it's finished...

I had simple inexpensive cabinets put in and then painted hi gloss black, Carrera marble counters, and currently working on wallpaper throughout. I've wanted to try black cabinets forever. One thing I learned is that it's hard to find a true black cabinet, most come in a dark grey or very dark brown.  I had to have mine painted, so the black appliances would match. I also just like the look of painted cabinets over foil wrapped. 

The wallpaper is from Spoonflower in Tropicali Afternoon by Domesticate. I love bringing the outdoors in, especially in a petite kitchen with no windows. And this wallpaper is just beautiful! 

Also, if you live in the DC metro area Legacy Home Improvement Consultants are amazing. They did a fabulous job on my bathroom and kitchen renovation and were/are a delight to work with. Here's a contact number if you're interested:
703-835-0027. I'll share more when complete.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Graffiti Bomb

A few weeks prior to moving out of our home, I was feeling rather crazy and a little overwhelmed. So I decided to write positive affirmations all over my bedroom walls to keep my spirits high. I mean why not...the walls were about to get demolished anyway!?!  I really liked the happy vibe those words created the last few weeks and smirked when my builder called me to say he enjoyed them as well. He felt it was a nice way to start a project and I agreed.

It was something fun to do, but I did make the mistake in letting my little toddler watch me graffiti bomb the space. How can I get upset when he takes a crayon to our walls now? Lets hope he forgets.

Anyway, although fun I'm not sure I like the look. So I thought I'd find a few images that might change my mind...

I have a feeling my 12 year old will want to write this on his walls soon...


So true...

Although the images above weren't exactly graffiti, they still were words of encouragement or happiness on walls. Words do have power, so use them kindly. Thanks again Pinterest for your never ending source of easy to find and perfect images.