Friday, May 20, 2011

Fridays Finest Finds in Atlanta

The Queen is in Atlanta this week, so pop over to see what goodies she has uncovered in Atlanta's Craigslist at The Queen of Craigslist

Here is just one inspirational image from the posting...


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finest Finds in DC on Tuesday

I just can't neglect DC and since I've been working for a few people in the area I have noticed some great stuff that I just wanted to share with you all. So here are few items that I think are the best of DC's Craigslist right now...

Large Unique Rattan Screen $95 {for the bohemian chic look. could paint too.}...

image 0

The screen above would look pretty in white...

Inspirational Image via Decorpad

Or you could paint it blue and use as a headboard...

Inspirational Image Montana Burnett 


Mid century modern/ retro lamps $100/pair {great color and have shades which is nice.}...

image 2

Coffee Table with Map $20 {for the worldly type.}...

image 2

image 0

Make the above screen into a romantic headboard as evidenced below...

Inspirational Image via Shelter

Danish Teak Lounge Chair $750 {yes i know expensive, but man is it gorgeous.}...

image 0

French Blue Velvet Chair $149 {great color. would add that fun pop of color to your living room.}...

image 0

 image 1

The side tables above would look equally glamorous as the bedside tables in the image below...

Oct/Nov 2009
Inspirational image via Lonny

image 0

image 0 image 1
image 2

image 0

image 0 image 2

You could transform the desk above into something chic like this desk from The New Traditionalists...

Products PH
Inspirational image via The New Traditionalists

I know it's not exact, but new knobs and a snake print on the drawers would really make the CL desk look great.

Antique Ceiling Light $200

image 0

Bamboo Side Table $30

image 1 image 0

Cane Chair and Footstool $55

image 0 image 1

Four Cane Chairs $150/all {great shape. you would have seriously unique chairs. i see them painted black}...

image 0 image 1

Vintage Rattan Chair $38

image 3

Paleck Chair $60

image 0
Dresser with Mirror $60 {great price for a beautiful mcm piece.}...

image 0 image 2

Black Dresser $280


6 WE Chairs $425 {i would offer less.}...

image 0

Dining Room Table and 4 Chairs $175 {i have a serious chair fetish. love these.}...

image 0 image 1

Vintage Full Size Headboard $25

image 0 image 1

Dresser $25 {a campaign dresser for that much...get it now and remember the power of paint. you can also search on etsy for better handles.}...

image 0 image 1

Okay I'll stop there. Hope you all had a great weekend! 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fridays Finest Finds

I am beginning to feel like I have multiple personalities with these two blogs ;). Once again my Fridays Finest Finds are over at The Queen of Craigslist. I 'traveled' to Albany, New York this time to find the best of (in my humble opinion) Craigslist there. 

Here is just one of many inspirational images...

Via Domino

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Before & After (Julia's bedside tables)

Julia, a friend and subscriber to Fresh Quince, recently bought 2 bedside tables off of Craigslist for $20 in Portland. The were identical and looked like this...

That is until she did her magic and transformed them into these...

She painted the base a rich dark forest green and used a pretty contact paper for the drawer front and also lined the drawer with the same contact paper...

For the other bedside table she painted it the same color, but chose a different yet equally gorgeous contact paper for the drawer front and inner liner...

And a close up...

Brilliant job Julia! They look great and I love that red rug!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What to Wear Wednesdays

So I'm back at Current Boutique in Arlington, my local consignment store. I haven't been in awhile and it's always an absolute delight to see my friends who work there. If you all get a chance and need help picking the perfect outfit for any occasion, then trust me all of the ladies at Current Boutique are not only helpful, but super stylish as well. 

Here is my 'what to wear' consignment pick for a Mother's Day brunch...

A close up of the dress...

And shoes...

Dress: Madison Marcus silk $119.95
Necklace: Long Beaded Chain $25.95
Necklace 2: Long Chain with gold disks $38.95
Sandals: Barneys New York gold $61.95

Now that the weather is finally warming up this dress is perfect for any special event. The sweet floral silk dress, simple gold chains and versatile gold sandals complete this chic outfit. See how easy it is to be green and glamorous!

I wish all Mothers a wonderful Mother's Day!