Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Natural Rug Pad

I am always in search of natural products that actually work. Sometimes I find keepers and other times not so much.

One item that has been elusive is the common rug pad. I totally dislike vinyl and artificial rubber, which most rug pads seem to have. Or worse they come in foam and toxic glues. They off gas and the odor isn't pretty or healthy. In comes Rug Pad Corner a wonderful new source for all your rug pad needs. Best part is they only use...

Recycled or Natural Materials – No Chemicals, Glues or Adhesives! Their Rug Pads are Eco and Earth Friendly and Safe for Floors, Rugs and the Air.

And bonus...they donate to American Red Cross, St. Jude and American Cancer Society. Nice..huh? 

Well...do they work you ask??? 

I have two of their rug pads. The Superior and No-Muv and they are perfection!!! They add extra comfort as well. The Superior is in my basement on top of concrete floors and you wouldn't know it. And the No-Muv keeps my layered rug in place like no other...

My one tip for ordering is...

Measure twice and remember if it is a vintage rug, especially a Kilim, then measure the length and width from all four corners. 

Good luck and may the non-slip force be with you!

Thanks Rug Pad Corner for a fabulous product!