Thursday, April 30, 2015

To Layer or Not To Layer


I'm all about layering rugs. It's the perfect solution for small or vintage rugs. Can't afford the super pricey 9' x 12' rug, then get it in a 4' x 6' and place happily over an inexpensive sisal.


Vintage rugs are notoriously small or oddly shaped, so onto a large sisal they go. The bigger the underlying rug...the better! It anchors the space, making it feel grand, yet cozy.

And just for your viewing pleasure, some prime examples...






Layering overload...I'm in love! Can whoever owns this space invite me to dinner along with all my friends? No kids! Good food! And ginger tea (I'm a total bore...vino makes me ill)! Pretty please!

~ Danielle 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Basement Blues

This was my basement a few months ago. It's a major work-in-progress. Green velvet sofa is now gone...too many issues upon delivery. Rug, vintage chairs and baby still here, although the baby isn't stuck in the basement. She's free to move about and does so with her older brother...all freaking day. 

Anyway, when I'm not running after frick and frack, I'm scheming up a kickass basement for my oldest son. 

He totally deserves it! 

My inspirational photos for basement...

So I'm now in search of the perfect and affordable, inky blue velvet sectional sofa. 

~ Danielle