Friday, October 29, 2010

Fridays Finest

If anyone is interested in any of the following Craigslist finds in the DC metropolitan area, please contact me at and I will pass along the link. Thanks so much!

Stunning Coffee Table in Chrome $425 (a bit pricey, but looks like an expensive designer piece)
image 2021188744-0image 2021188744-3

Vintage Bamboo Detail Side Table painted in a light turquoise blue $50 (I would offer less because it is missing a handle on the bottom drawer...great piece and would make a great bedside table in any color)
image 2021459540-0

Awesome Serpentine Dresser $50 (okay this is an incredible piece for and incredible price...I see it painted in a high gloss paint in any color b/c no matter what it's going to look awesome)
image 2020244427-0image 2020244427-1

Antique Camper Dresser $150 (love this dresser! check out the comparable below...different shape and color, but super cool...I'd keep the black and gold hollywood regency)
image 2019911177-1image 2019911177-0

Image: Emily A. Clark (check out her blog here...she's super creative)

Glass Top Side Table $50 (good bones...could see a sleek modern mirror above it with a funky lamp in a fun color)
image 2020262354-0

Can Anyone Say FREE (paint and 2 best friends)
image 2022026886-0image 2022026886-1

Clamshell Chair $49 (you can guessed this and if you don't like the clamshell look then ask the upholsterer to remove it)
image 2019950124-1

Modern Sofa in Oatmeal $600 (from a reputable source...good starter piece and can alway negotiate. next tues i will discuss how to disinfect furniture from CL and what to look for when buying)
image 2023683641-0

4 Simple Chairs $35 for all (check out the comparable's below to see their potential...everything has potential)
image 2017745805-0

Not the exact chairs, but you see where I am going.
Image: Apartment Therapy

6 Great Chairs for $175 (could always offer less, but chairs are pricey...have i mentioned anything about paint? check out yet another inspirational image below)
image 2019103471-0

Use your artistic license...
Image: DecorPad

Gilt Folding Screen $125 (another inspirational photo below)
image 2019435959-1

Image: Shelter

Antique Chinese Bed $600 (this is a WOW piece and you have to check out the link to read the story behind this one...every thing has its story)
image 2025759453-0image 2025759453-1

Hope you all enjoyed and if you are interested in any of these, just email me at and I will send the link!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Before & After (my desk)

I bought this table years ago at my local flea market with a matching set of 6 chairs. They were all painted in an oil based dirty white, so I had them stripped down to their natural wood. The stripped chairs were gorgeous, so I left them au naturale and gave them 2 coats of natural varnish and reupholstered them in a natural linen with velvet black brocade (I'll do a post on them later).

Before: The desk after it was stripped (pre-paint)...

The desk was formerly half of a table,which I didn't take a picture of naturally ;). After stripping it I realized that it needed to be painted due to some places that wouldn't take varnish. And after pondering what color to choose, I finally went with this...

North Sea Green - Ben Moore Natura Zero-VOC Paint
Benjamin Moore 2053-30 North Sea Green

The color is an ode to the ocean!!! I love the thought of bringing the beauty of nature indoors in colors, photos and art! Does the name of a color have any influence for you in using it in your home?

So here is the after...

A close-up detail...pretty isn't it?...

A close-up vignette...

The woman in the small photo is my Grandmother. Her name was Autumn fitting for right now! And in the larger photo is my Grandmother Autumn again holding my mother, Sandy. I never got to meet my Grandma, but my mother has told me that I look a bit like her and that she had similar interests in refinishing furniture.

The lamp is apart of a pair that I bought at the same flea market. They didn't come with shades, so I got mine from Pottery Barn in a nice's really hard to find second-hand shades in good condition.

And I made the ceramic nesting bowls last year...great for containing spices! Maybe I'll use them as a any 15 of you want them ;)???

And freesia in a vase made by an incredible artist friend of mine...isn't it gorgeous? (if he lets me I'll do a post about him)...

You know I have never smelled fresh freesia before...have you all? It's nothing like the scents in lotions, soaps, etc. It's totally unique with hints of a peppery note...fascinating!

Hope you all enjoyed and if you need help painting a hard piece of furniture...then I am your gal!

Also, seen at Primitive and Proper!

What to Wear Wednesdays

I want to introduce you to the gorgeous and super sweet owner of a fabulous boutique right across the street from me. Her name is Carmen...

And she owns Current Boutique, a chic modern consignment store in the heart of Clarendon. Other locations include Alexandria and soon-to-be Logan Circle in DC. It's a very dangerous store to live near because there is always something fabulous to purchase at a super affordable price. It makes me happy to know that I contribute to a local boutique that is not only eco-friendly, but chic as well. 

So, I thought why not do a 'What to Wear Wednesdays' segment highlighting some of the stylish outfits they offer. I will be working with Kat (another gorgeous and chic woman) over at the Alexandria store, so at the end of this post be sure to check out her selection from there...she keeps everything under $150.

1. J. Crew - quince (chartruese) with watermelon lining cotton blazer (size 4) $68.95
2. Free People - black/white striped cotton turtleneck (small) $22.95
3. Express - light red cotton voile skirt (size 4) $10.95
4. Sam Edelman - black suede boots (size 8) $78.95
5. Michael Kors - black leather chain purse with studs $46.95

This outfit will get you through the chilly mornings and into the warm afternoons in style. 

Check out what Kat has put together over at Current Boutique in Alexandria here.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Craigslist Safety

These tips may be intuitive, but I feel the need to share safety tips now that I recommend weekly craigslist finds.

  • If the item is small insist on meeting at a public place like a cafe
  • Do not meet in a secluded place or invite strangers into your home
  • Be especially careful when buying/selling expensive items
  • Tell a friend or family member where you're going or better yet bring someone with you
  • If you have a cell phone carry it with you
  • Trust your instincts, if something doesn't feel right then leave immediately
(Tips source: Craigslist)

Please be aware of your surroundings at all times. I always bring a friend or my husband with me for safety, but also to help me decide whether to get something and for the extra help to load it into my super cool mini-van (no need to be jealous). It's always nice to have a second party opinion!

I bought this sofa for $150 from Craigslist last year and brought my husband to pick it up...

I love it!!! My wonderful friend got me the flowers as a thank you for taking care of her adorable daughter most of the summer...I love that girl and her mom!!!

Be Safe,

Monday, October 25, 2010


Before I begin I must confess this is my dream job, something I have been wanting to create for like ever :)...

Spruce_storefront edit (900x600).jpg

I recently found out about this store in Austin, Texas called Spruce and I couldn't wait to share. Design*Sponge did a post about it here. It was started by a woman named Amanda Brown in 2007 as a creative outlet and now has expanded to a company of 5 highly talented women and one dude. They refurbish old furniture for resale, offer reupholstering classes to the public, sell vintage items and help clients redesign their own pieces or items that Spruce finds specifically for them to fit their current design scheme. And they have an extensive fabric selection to work from!

Here are a few pieces that are for sale...
The Great Migration Love Seat $1350
They even sell other vintage items like these...
Gorgeous stuff, gorgeous ladies that call themselves Sprucettes (how cute), and great idea that I would love to emulate!

For years I have been mulling over the idea of doing this exact same thing. I even was considering calling my company you've been spruced. But alas I decided to start with a blog and see what happens. The rent where I live is atrociously high, the only place that I could afford is above a shop. Would people come up stairs for refurbished furniture in this area...I don't know??? But this is my passion...I have been buying used stuff since I was young. I grew up in London and my stomping ground was the amazing flea markets they had every weekend and Oxfam. I got the most amazing navy blue fake fur with gold buttons that I would still have to this day, if my mom hadn't let her ancient flea ridden felines use it as a blanket while I was away at college. I also nab stuff out of the trash all of the time...I see potential everywhere and would love to share that passion with others. Just recently got some chairs similar to these out of the trash (they just need a good spray paint and viola)...
My neighbor walked by and was thoroughly jealous. It's amazing what people consider trash to me!

I would love to get your you all think a store like Spruce would do well in Northern VA???? My son is getting older and I would love to follow my dream...


Friday, October 22, 2010

Fridays Finest

So here are my favorite Craigslist finds in the DC metropolitan area...

Blue Velvet Chair $150 {i like the before and after pictures..what a difference upholstery can do. and it's a great price too}

image 2016457184-0image 2016457184-2

Antique Bedroom Set $1000 {i know i know $1000 is a lot, but it is for a whole you could always ask if they would separate the pieces and go lower on the price...would be awesome painted white or black or green like mine below}
image 2017578602-1
My side table that I found on the side of the road with no doors, hence the curtain which I am replacing with white linen with a black border...

Queen Anne Sofa $200 {you could upholster this for under $500 in a fun fabric...check out CL for fabric b/c i see velvet for sale quite often...just awhile ago there were 15 yards of chocolate velvet for dirt cheap..just imagine painting the legs cream with chocolate velvet or check out the comparable below}
image 2017826836-1

Image from Made by Girl blog {check it out she's good}

Yellow Anthropologie Upholstered Queen Headboard $500 {okay this would be mine if i had a little girl or didn't have a king size bed...isn't this incredibly gorgeous!!!!! wuv it}
image 2016006104-1image 2016006104-0

Doesn't that remind you of this incredible handmade headboard check it out here...
Image via Design Sponge blog

Mitchel Gold for Restoration Hardware Leather sofa $950 {great price for a leather sofa from RH and just imagine how supple the leather is now that it is worn in leather}
image 2014037637-0

image 2013522621-0

2 French Provinical Chairs $370 {great price and lovely light grey fabric...i see these at flea market/antique stores for $400/500 a piece, so great deal}
image 2015426606-1

image 2015212447-0

Mid-Century Rattan Writing Desk $150 {great piece...could paint it orange or red}
image 2009769519-0

Gorgeous Double Pedestal Table with 6 Chippendale Chairs $900 {this is stunning for the price..if i had the space and money this would be mine, then I would reupholster the chairs in chaing mai dragon or kelly wearstler trellis fabric)

Large Victorian Gold Mirror $500 with %10 off {big and beautiful piece...perfect for an entry way with understated pieces b/c so bold}
image 2015287467-0

Mid-Century Brass/Lucite Lamp $90 {i would change the shade to black drum with gold underneath for more ferlection-my son's word for reflection ;)}
image 2014322097-0

Early 20th Century Industrial Metal Asylum Chair $195 {for adventurous halloween types..this totally gives me the creeps as my worst nightmare is someone thinking i am insane and putting me in a straight jacket...that seriously used to keep me up at night when i was little}

Hope you all enjoyed and maybe were inspired to search more on Craigslist!!