Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The New Kate Moss and she likes Vintage

In last Friday's The New York Times Fashion and Style section was the article The Making of Fashion's Latest 'It' Girl  and it was all about Alexa Chung, my new style muse. I was so excited to find out that she is currently filming 'Thrift America,' a new television series airing this summer on PBS. It will be about my absolute favorite past time...'shopping for vintage clothes and other paraphernalia.' I seriously can't wait for it to air, maybe she's heard of Fresh Quince's What to Wear Wednesday segment and maybe she will contact me to help her in DC...hahaha..only in my dreams! 

Following are some seriously chic Alexa Chung photo's: 

I think Kate Moss is telling Alexa that she will be the next 'it' girl.

Ask the girls at Current Boutique, my go-to consignment store, and they will tell you I am mad for stripes right now!

Alexa looking divine in more stripes!

Alexa Chung at the \"I Heart Ronson\" JCPenney Celebration Picture 7
I am also going crazy for red, black and white!

Love her hair!

So gorgeous!!!

Totally hip! 

Host Alexa Chung appears on set of MTV's 'It's On with Alexa Chung'
Awesome vintage sofa she is on...I see these sofa's on Craigslist all of the time! 

The New York Times article states "MS. CHUNG’S style might be described as tomboy-meets-Lolita (delicate mini-dresses and brogues)" and I would have to agree. She pairs vintage items with new hip clothes so effortlessly. You all have to read the article and I am sure you will fall in love with her like I have. She is a breath of fresh air in a sea of overtly sexy and sometimes style-less celebrities!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fresh Quince's Top 5 Trends for 2011

1. REFURBISHING VINTAGE FURNITURE...paint and/or upholstery will do magic for those one of a kind vintage pieces!


All of these images are from Chairloom, a fabulous company that re-upholsters antiques. 

2. TRES CHIC ENVIRONMENTALLY MINDED DESIGN COMPANIES...the idea that to be 'green' it has to be bamboo and boring will no longer fly in 2011, as evidenced below in these images from fresh and stylish eco-minded companies.


artichoke lamp more colors available
Jane Gray for Stray Dog Designs Lamp

There are a plethora of eco-friendly design companies with a wide range of prices.

3. PLANTS INDOORS...every space needs something living and plants are always fresh and decorative.

Not only do plants help clean indoor air, but they also look lovely...why buy stuff, when plants are easy and green.

4. WALL COVERINGS...whether you stencil or get VOC/PVC-free wallpaper, having a wall covered will be so 2011 and not 2000 and late ;).

Captain Smith in "Promenade" - SINGLE ROLL

5. ON-LINE CONSIGNMENT BOUTIQUES...why buy new, when there are so many new on-line consignment shops that offer gently-used items at a huge discount???

Trina Turk Red and Ivory Velvet Coat from I-ELLA on-line consignment boutique.

Fresh Quince believes that in 2011 there will be an increase in eco-minded style...Glamour and Green will rule supreme!! To see other blogs and their 2011 forecasts go to Design Refuge here!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Addendum to Friday's Finest

Just had to add this...

Picture 20

I just saw this image on the blog La Dolce Vita, it is styled by the designer Kelley Moore and reminded me of these Craigslist items (see below) I saw yesterday...

Spray paint it gold and you could have a designer looking piece. I would probably separate them and just use the chair and add to very modern desk and upholster the chair in zebra fabric. 

Fridays Finest


Jeanine Hays, of AphroChic, recently posted about this Domino image, stating that it was the inspirational photo that launched AphroChic.  And I remember it fondly...the cheerful chairs, clean lines, white walls mixed with a few antiques and the adorable little girl. Anyway, it now has inspired me to do a Craigslist Finest post on it. All of the comparable's below are on DC's Craigslist and if you would like the link, just post a comment...

Gorgeous mirrored coffee cross table $300 (i love this coffee table and because it looks too dark i would spray paint it in silver...metallic spray paints don't come in low voc, so please remember to spray outside)
image 2068121145-0

Crate and Barrel Sofa $550 (almost the exact match...can you see it???)
image 2076231982-0

Solid Organic Cotton Pillow from Fabricadabra on sale for $25 (fabricadabra carries fabulous inexpensive organic pillow covers)
OC021 Solid organic cotton pillow cover Raspberry

Pair of French Provincial Armchairs $380/pair (a few coats of Ben Moore Dove White will transform these chairs...remember to do it before you take it to the upholsters)
image 2068891329-0

Re-upholster the above chairs in Rubie Green East Village Upholstery Fabric $90/yard (instead of stripes...how about fun chevron and you will only need about 4 yards or less)
East Village

Silhoutte Black and White $90 (AphroChic's awesome pillows will add some comfort to the chairs above)
Silhouette Black & White
A side note of interest, AphroChic is on sale until Monday:
AphroChic Black Friday Sale!

Round wood side table $90 (simple, clean and useful)
image 2072978416-1

Wooden Table Lamp $5 (uh...incredible price, just get rid of the shade and buy a black drum shade)
image 2073283717-1

Spray paint the above lamp in this:
Krylon H20 Yellow Sea Spray Paint $4.99/can (the H2O line is lower in VOC and I use it all of the time b/c it doesn't smell as bad and is latex based, instead of oil like all spray paint)

Fun and Modern Chandelier $129 (not exactly like the one above, but totally cool don't you think?)
image 2067310898-2

Large Silver/White Mirror $75 (simple and clean...excellent accompaniment to the rest of the space and great price)
image 2067385236-0

Rugs: It is rather difficult to find good rugs on Craigslist, so I would recommend a cotton or wool rug in lieu synthetic.

Madeline Weinrib Golden Rod Cotton Rug (okay, since you have saved a fortune from buying on CL, then why not spend a pretty penny on a gorgeous Madeline Weinrib rug...need to contact for details)

West Elm Andalusia Rug 8 x 10 $459 cotton/wool (a fairly inexpensive comparable)
Andalusia Rug

And for the wall art, how about a hot pink feather boa spun around a piece of round cardboard.
courtesy google images

Hope you all were inspired! If you need a link to any of the items, then please just leave a comment below...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

So much to be Thankful for...

I do not have a beautiful table setting to show you, nor a large baked turkey because my home is just too small to host my large extended family. So every year, I just bake around 4 pies, which are in the oven as I write this. To me Thanksgiving is more about family, friends and appreciating what you have...yes I do love a beautiful laid out table and little golden pumpkins with decorations galore, but my family, friends and nature are what ground me and make me whole. Thanks to you my family and friends!!!!

Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia

xx Danielle

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What to Wear Wednesdays

Resound Teal cotton/wool dress size: large $42.95
Manolo Blahnik Cognac leather pumps size: 10 $168.95
Sterling USA Vintage brown alligator purse $152.95
Pearl and chain necklace $58.95

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, just in case you didn't know, and I thought this outfit would be a perfect complement for the day's festivities. A rich and comfortable teal dress, vintage handbag, versatile necklace and super comfortable heels that you could wear all evening...how could you go wrong? 

As you can see below, teal looks fabulous on every skin tone! 
Courtesy Real Simple

"Colors on opposite sides of the color wheel enhance each other, which is why strawberries look so good packaged in green containers, Eiseman says. It's not surprising that teal―Pantone 19-4227 TC, the color-wheel opposite of pink―plays up a healthy flush in the skin. Plus, it's more versatile than a bright, summery turquoise, so you can wear it well into the fall with black, brown, and other neutrals." Real Simple Magazine 

Don't forget to head over to the Current Boutique blog and check out the great finds Kat has chosen in the Alexandria location.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Instead of Black Friday...

How about Etsy Friday? Wouldn't that be incredible...to shop from the comfort of your own home, support local or US based artisans and get a unique one-of-a-kind gift for that special someone???

Come on friends let's start a trend and replace the outdated, drive you mad, no parking, excessive amount of stuff Black Friday and switch to the new and improved...Etsy Friday!!

Here are some of my fave's on Etsy right now and please forgive the randomness...

Feral Cat Bag $9 (i love the expression on this cat...so charming like he wants to ever so gently scratch your eye out)
Feral Cat Tote Bag

Ink Iku Dress by threelittleducksaus $140 (anything from this shop would be okay by me)
Ink Iku Dress

Ceramic travel mug with lid $20 (love this...the potter must have had great skill b/c it is very difficult to match a ceramic mug with a plastic lid and have it fit b/c clay shrinks a lot in the kiln)
Ceramic travel mug with lid -  blue with plum accents

Re-usable fabric wall stickers $53 (these are fabric and not PVC like every other decal out there...lovin' these for a kids room or above a white sofa)
Hundreds and Thousands- wall decals, reusable fabric wall stickers

Lavender Matryoshka dolls  (so cute)
Lavender Matryoshka dolls set of 5

Coral Red Recycled Leather and Wool Cat Bag $180 (i am not sure if you can tell, but i like cats...actually i love them way too much)
Coral Red Recycled Leather and Wool Cat Bag

Turkish Towel A Peshtemal $24 (ok this is not exactly local but had to give a shout out to my peeps there)
Turkish Towel A Peshtemal

Wall Tenticle by ArtAkimbo $1,100 (i just had to put this in here)
Wall Tentacle

Agnes by CricketandBear $14 (i need agnes...isn't she just so adorable??)

Okay so that was really random with no categories or organization or color-coded what-nots or price discrimination...welcome to my brain!!!

Hope to see you tomorrow for What to Wear Wednesdays!