Thursday, March 19, 2015

Kids Curated

For awhile now, I've had this idea of curating wardrobes for kids. Here's why:

1. There are too many options for moms or dads to choose from.
2. So many families just don't have the time to search for cute outfits.
3. Some hate the process.
4. All kids can look good even on tight budgets.
5. Kids are usually more picky for their parents.
6. I love kids clothes.

For these reasons I'd want to be affordable, creative and personal. I'd need specs...age, height, style preference, etc. and budget of course. 

I have a super adorable niece...Chloe. She always looks sporty and sweet, but I curated a spring to summer wardrobe for her anyway. Here it goes...

How comfy do those overalls look! They'd work well for all seasons really. Polka dots and stripes are always chic. Source: Zara

Cozy and fun. Source: Zara

Zara had gorgeous stuff this season for girls. I want that jumpsuit, although I think I'd look like a sausage roll :(. Source: zara

Ready for play and then a nap. The top can be dressed up or down. Source: Gap

Comfort and style at its best. Source: crewcuts

Every girl needs a pair of patent leather birks...right!?! Source: crewcuts

Colorful essentials. Source: old navy

Basic cotton tees. Source: old navy

Casual perfection in one pair of shoes. Source: zuzuii 

I know Chloe doesn't like to wear dresses, but this is must for every girl. Who doesn't need a rainbow dress!?! Source: mini boden 

And for the beach, this hip swimsuit. Source: roxy 
Shorts and flips: old navy 

Voila...a cozy chic wardrobe for my darling (already stylish) niece Chloe. 

~ Danielle