Friday, February 4, 2011

In Lieu of Fridays Finest

After finally arriving back from Florida yesterday afternoon, I had no time to do much but laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, preparing dinner and getting my son ready for school. Therefore I was unable to do my Fridays Finest, but check back next week as I will be highlighting Philly's Craigslist.

So in lieu of the usual, I wanted to share a giveaway on my friends blog and an article about Fresh Quince from a local DC website and blog geared to mothers.

Evie from Post-College Working Girl has reached the 100+ followers mark and has decided it's time for a giveaway. So pop on over to her blog to win these gorgeous vintage fan earrings...

Also, I wanted to share a recent article about Fresh Quince that was featured in DC DC Metro Mommy is a perfect source for those living in the DC Metropolitan area. It's a one stop information site for not only mothers, but all women. Here are a few of the categories you can peruse...

          Beauty                        Books, Classes & Arts        Home Services & Decor
Image         Image               Image

In each category you will find a list of the best places to go for services, classes, boutiques, etc. It's fabulous, enlightening and I am so ecstatic that they have asked me to be a Contributing Editor. Below is a copy of the article on DC MetroMommy...

Fresh Quince, Planting Seeds Of Style For Eco-friendly Living!
Image Source: Fresh Quince
In this month’s “Mission: Design” readers are in for a wonderful treat! I am elated to introduce to you to a fabulous new style blogger Danielle from Fresh Quince. This Arlington based eco-friendly design diva isn’t your everyday style blogger. Fresh Quince showcases Danielle’s innovative take on vintage décor and classic fashion finds.
This unabashed Craigslist devotee has an uncanny ability to ferret out diamonds in the rough and share furniture potential and possibilities with readers. So dedicated is Danielle, that she features a lengthy list of prospective treasures every Friday in her “Friday’s Finest” series.

If you want style but suffer from a limited budget, Danielle is your answer! Chandeliers, tired bamboo tables, old credenzas, tattered English rolled arm chairs, nothing is off limits.

Danielle has a fabulous answer to bring most any strong boned piece of furniture back to life with style, color, fabric and a bit of eco-conscious glam. After all, Danielle’s motto is “One can be glamorous and ‘green’ at the same time.” 
[Read more]
To read the rest of the article click [Read more].  Thanks Claudine and Amy, I look forward to the future with DCMetroMommy!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!! Happy second hand shopping!!


  1. What a wonderful article on you!! Congratulations and hope you are settling back from your fabulous vacation! Take care, Caroline

  2. Yay! Such a great article and exciting new venture. And sounds like there's much more to come. Great news, Danielle, and well deserved.

  3. Hi there, I was checking in at the Post-College Working Girl blog about the giveaway (the earrings were purchased from my Etsy Shop) and noticed your post... what a fab blog, love it!! Now following :) And if anyone wants to see more of my items...


  4. Thanks for the shout out lady! CONGRATS on your article! That is amazing! You look so chic on your couch too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I'm sharing a flea market trip next week that I know will be right up your alley!

  5. Danielle - congratulations on the wonderful article. Your home looks lovely as do you!! Well deserved!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Leah...thanks. I'll definitely share your etsy shop and thanks for sharing your blog, glad you posted!

    xx Danielle

  7. Congrats on the great exciting!! Hope your weekend is wonderful, Danielle ~

  8. how awesome is that feature! way to go! thanks for popping by my blog- it's great to meet other locals! actually, we'll be having a local blogger gettogether tentatively scheduled for 3/26 in arlington. once i have more details i will be sharing, but a blogger there offered to have it at her home since she is more centrally located than i am (i am in severna park, md).
    oh, and i knew i liked you when i saw henry david thoreau's quote at the top of your page. walden was one of the most intuitive books i have ever read!

  9. Cassie...thanks so much and I would love to be apart of a local blogger get together! Just let me know where and I'm fun! xx Danielle

  10. so cool set :)

    P.S. Also, I am hosting my very first contest :) It's personal for the Apple Tea, please visit if you feel like participating at

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  12. Danielle, congrats on another wonderful article. You look absolutely gorgeous in that picture!