Monday, February 7, 2011

Philly's Phinest

I was bummed last week to have missed my weekly Fridays Finest, so I am doing it today to make up for it. This Friday I'll be back in DC to hook up my local friends and I plan on travelling once a month to various locations, just let me know where you want me!

So today I'm feeling quite the Asian Persuasion on Philly's Craigslist. I think I may just have to move there and pick up all of these incredible finds...

Bamboo coffee table $45 (this is screaming hi gloss red)
image 2196636434-0

2 Beige Chairs $10/each (incredible price and remember these gals may have some gorgeous legs, so remove that skirt and if they don't search on google for legs to spice these ladies up, maybe ball and claw)
image 2200037161-0

Mid Century Bamboo Detail Bookshelf $550 (quite pricey, but absolutely gorgeous)
image 2191705031-0image 2191705031-3

Below is a lovely example of how pretty a simple bamboo bookshelf can look...
Image courtesy Apartment Therapy. This image is Allison of MOS's (one of my favorite blogs) living room. She did an amazing job decorating her home and to see a tour go here.

Signed Philip and Kelvin LaVerne $4000 (i know, i know expensive for sure, but this is a beauty and probably a good deal for a signed Philip and Kelvin LaVerne coffee table. again, do your research)
image 2189174555-0image 2189174555-1

I found the exact table and better image of the one above on a high end antique dealer site:

Brass Bamboo Blanket Stand $45 (have a guest room? this would be perfect for hanging extra blankets)
image 2183622172-0image 2183622172-1

Bamboo Metal/Glass Shelving Unit $85 (really? what an incredible price and what a difference from the one above, but it is less of a bookshelf and more of a display shelf. that wouldn't stop me though)
image 2175363145-1

Stunning Dragon Lamp $50 (i was born in the year of the dragon, so i always seek out dragon images. if you come to my home, you will notice dragons hidden in all sorts of places, nothing in your face. this lamp would be right at home for sure)
image 2199919242-1image 2199919242-0

Wow Coffee Table $75 (great price for a chic coffee table)
image 2199914308-1image 2199914308-0

A beautiful inspirational image for the above coffee table...

Angie Hranowski

Vintage Porcelain Asian Man $150 (i just love porcelain asian men, actually wish all men were porcelain ;)
image 2195405705-0

Cherry Headboard $25 (really...this price is incredible!!! just get it and ask questions later, but promise me not to paint it...too gorgeous to paint!)
image 2195388788-0image 2195388788-1

White Porcelain Lamp $10  (again...just get it and wait for me to pick it up ;)
image 2185401147-1image 2185401147-0

Asian Cabinet $235 (this would make an awesome bar stand and i would probably paint it white, so the gorgeous details will stand out)
image 2179582770-0image 2179582770-1

Or you could paint it orange like the gorgeous dresser below...

Japanese Screen $350 (how dramatic and gorgeous would this look in front of a grand fireplace, in the summer of course? or to cover up that neglected corner with a bright pop of color. screens add visual interest and this one is stunning.)
image 2175077754-0

Asian Print $20 (simple pretty print with a simple pretty price)
image 2174462727-1

Dragon Fish Lamp $20 (i think this is an absolute steal. note to my sister in law: get this and i'll pay you back. it needs a good polish)
image 2171992465-0

Unique Asian Coffee Table $250 (another fabulous coffee table)
image 2155614650-0image 2155614650-2

Yellow Vintage Couch $100 (i'm lovin' this girl, she's beautiful! if you get it, tell the owner of this space that the tv shouldn't be the focus of the room. it should be the lovely fireplace that is blocked by the sofa. i almost want to e-mail them and let them know that they have lovely pieces, but the layout is all wrong.)
image 2195571862-0

4 Yellow Chairs $50 (these looks comfy and chic)
image 2193085846-3

Why not shagify the chairs above to look like the lovelies below...
Jan Showers

Bedroom Set $100 (i know i keep on saying incredible price, but really this is. i would probably not keep all of the pieces together, as i like the eclectic look more. remember: PAINT)
image 2189218624-0image 2189218624-1
image 2189218624-2image 2189218624-3

image 2143171982-0

Zebra Rug $50 (i like a touch of zebra, but i prefer images and not the real deal...but that's just me)
image 2187119293-0

Fabulous Chairs $200/pair (need side chairs? these are totally fun and in few years when you tire of zebra, remember reupholster and paint if you wish. if you get these, give the adorable kitty a good pet for me)
image 2171922239-1image 2171922239-0

2 Wingback Chairs $60/both (ummm...reupholster)
image 2138755312-0

2 Unique Upholstered Chairs $50/each (i adore these chairs so unique and fun. i'm diggin' the pink as well)
image 2178689788-0image 2178689788-2

I saw these chairs on Pieces awhile back and they are priced at way over $2000...
Hand Carved Louis Chairs $200/pair (i'm running out of words. these are great! ;)
image 2188896079-0

Gold Gilt Mirror Large $150 (perfect above a streamlined entry table or above a fireplace with high ceilings)
image 2185507419-0

My journey is done! Hope you found something of interest and I wish you all a fantastic, inspiring week ahead! 


  1. A collection of amazing finds. The beige upholstered chairs for $10 each - wow. I'm from a year of the dragon too and love the lamp.

  2. omg I die! I'm currently cataloging all of my philly friends to decide which one I could ask to pick this up for me and let me send them a check. I need a new coffee table and that bamboo one is an excellent price. Also, the $10 blanc de chine lamp...a no brainer! Love when you do these posts!

  3. GEEZ every CL is better than mine! haha.

  4. how I would love to revamp the yellow vintage chairs!

  5. Oooh! I'm loving all the bamboo furniture! And the "shagified" chair idea is...brilliant.

  6. The bamboo coffee table and dresser are my favorites...seriously good shopping!!!

  7. Talk about chinoiserie chic! Where do I start? Bamboo table spray-painted red, check. Those incredible dragon lamps, check. And the very bookshelves I've been thinking about for a brand new project--check, check, check!

    Thanks, Danielle, for the fabulous Philly finds.

  8. Glad everyone enjoyed! Wish I could open a reasonably priced store in every city to sell the amazing furniture I find on CL...why buy new!

  9. So glad you found my blog. I'm loving yours! Thanks so much for stopping by.