Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What to Wear Wednesday: Florida Edition

So, I am stuck in South Florida. What started as a quick weekend getaway, has turned into almost an entire week. I'm missing out on all of the ice, sleet and freezing temperatures in DC! I know, I know, you all feel so bad for me...right? I'm stuck here without a cloud in the sky, warm calming breezes, the surf, sand, friends and my two favorite boys...depressing ;)!

Being here I feel the need to channel Lily Pulitzer, so here is my 'used' outfit of the week...
Image Hosting by Vendio

This dress makes such a statement that I would pair it with this simple clutch...
Vintage 50's - 60's black straw convertable clutch

And these lovely flats...
Black Tambourine

Hope everyone is warm and safe!!! Happy vintage shopping! And thanks Amy for helping me choose the clutch and sandals...she's got serious style, she was also my inspiration for choosing a maxi dress, as she wears them well!!!!

(ps..sorry the formatting is off, but this isn't my computer and i can't seem to fix it...and hey i gotta jump in the hot tub, poppin' bubbly)


  1. I LOVE this dress!! I tried on a retro long sleeved belted dress at a thrift store the other day, but it was no where near as cute as this! I need to go look up Lilly on ebay!

    I'm hosting a giveaway this week to that I think you will like so be sure to check it out!

  2. I love that dress as well I am all about patterns!

  3. Stranded in the sun ... sounds pretty good to me! Plus there is FABULOUS vintage shopping in Florida. I say don't rush home ... stay as long as you can and enjoy.

  4. Lucky you stranded in Florida!! It's dreary slush and no sunshine back home. Stay and enjoy as long as you can Just looking at that fun Pulitzer dress and chic purse and sandals makes me feel better!! Have fun!

  5. Danielle, your comment about the Philly post was too sweet. Certainly nothing to worry about! Happy you had a nice long vacation.
    Also, thanks for listing my interior biz blog Dust&Chandeliers in your blogroll. What a nice surprise to glance over and see it listed!