Sunday, September 27, 2015

My Patio (before & after)

Fall has finally arrived, so I thought I'd say goodbye to summertime with a post on our patio. Au revoir summer! 

Can you see how horribly my patio needed some love? I'm embarrassed to say that it looked like that for way too long. 

It feels like a wee oasis in this madding city.

I am not a huge fan of concrete patios, but the house came with it and the price to remove it isn't pretty. I prefer natural stone patios, but one fun benefit to concrete is sidewalk chalk creations. And yes it is mostly me who doodles the afternoon away. 

The plan for fall/winter is to remove the sunshade and hang lights like this...


24 Jaw Dropping Beautiful Yard and Patio String Lighting Ideas For a Small Heaven - "Freemans" restaurant in NYC at the end of Freeman Alley, off Rivington, between The Bowery and Christie.:

Happy Fall!

~ Danielle


Table/chairs - Ikea
Sunshade - Ikea
Recycled plastic rug - World Market

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Natural Rug Pad

I am always in search of natural products that actually work. Sometimes I find keepers and other times not so much.

One item that has been elusive is the common rug pad. I totally dislike vinyl and artificial rubber, which most rug pads seem to have. Or worse they come in foam and toxic glues. They off gas and the odor isn't pretty or healthy. In comes Rug Pad Corner a wonderful new source for all your rug pad needs. Best part is they only use...

Recycled or Natural Materials – No Chemicals, Glues or Adhesives! Their Rug Pads are Eco and Earth Friendly and Safe for Floors, Rugs and the Air.

And bonus...they donate to American Red Cross, St. Jude and American Cancer Society. Nice..huh? they work you ask??? 

I have two of their rug pads. The Superior and No-Muv and they are perfection!!! They add extra comfort as well. The Superior is in my basement on top of concrete floors and you wouldn't know it. And the No-Muv keeps my layered rug in place like no other...

My one tip for ordering is...

Measure twice and remember if it is a vintage rug, especially a Kilim, then measure the length and width from all four corners. 

Good luck and may the non-slip force be with you!

Thanks Rug Pad Corner for a fabulous product!


Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Have you all heard of Chairish? It's an amazing and reputable resource for vintage home goods with price tags that won't make your jaw drop (well at least most of the time). 

Recently they reached out to fresh quince and asked if I'd like to participate in their Mix n Match Style Challenge. The theme - Mid-Century Modern Mixed. Check out there extensive selection of MCM items here

Using all Chairish items, I created this bold living room. MCM sofas seem to be the chameleon of sofas. They effortlessly match almost every style and can be dressed up in velvet, dressed for play in leather or in a bold patterned fabric for fun. They are hands down my favorite style of sofa. 

Image of Longwy Boule Coloniale by Maurice P. Chevallier
This amazing vase was my inspiration for the living room above. 

This design is extremely eclectic in styles, but the semi-monochromatic palette keeps it cohesive in my eyes. French Bergere chairs with a velvet MCM sofa...why not!?! 


Mix what you love. Love what you mix.

Thanks Chairish for the challenge! 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

To Layer or Not To Layer


I'm all about layering rugs. It's the perfect solution for small or vintage rugs. Can't afford the super pricey 9' x 12' rug, then get it in a 4' x 6' and place happily over an inexpensive sisal.


Vintage rugs are notoriously small or oddly shaped, so onto a large sisal they go. The bigger the underlying rug...the better! It anchors the space, making it feel grand, yet cozy.

And just for your viewing pleasure, some prime examples...






Layering overload...I'm in love! Can whoever owns this space invite me to dinner along with all my friends? No kids! Good food! And ginger tea (I'm a total bore...vino makes me ill)! Pretty please!

~ Danielle 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Basement Blues

This was my basement a few months ago. It's a major work-in-progress. Green velvet sofa is now gone...too many issues upon delivery. Rug, vintage chairs and baby still here, although the baby isn't stuck in the basement. She's free to move about and does so with her older brother...all freaking day. 

Anyway, when I'm not running after frick and frack, I'm scheming up a kickass basement for my oldest son. 

He totally deserves it! 

My inspirational photos for basement...

So I'm now in search of the perfect and affordable, inky blue velvet sectional sofa. 

~ Danielle 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Kids Curated

For awhile now, I've had this idea of curating wardrobes for kids. Here's why:

1. There are too many options for moms or dads to choose from.
2. So many families just don't have the time to search for cute outfits.
3. Some hate the process.
4. All kids can look good even on tight budgets.
5. Kids are usually more picky for their parents.
6. I love kids clothes.

For these reasons I'd want to be affordable, creative and personal. I'd need specs...age, height, style preference, etc. and budget of course. 

I have a super adorable niece...Chloe. She always looks sporty and sweet, but I curated a spring to summer wardrobe for her anyway. Here it goes...

How comfy do those overalls look! They'd work well for all seasons really. Polka dots and stripes are always chic. Source: Zara

Cozy and fun. Source: Zara

Zara had gorgeous stuff this season for girls. I want that jumpsuit, although I think I'd look like a sausage roll :(. Source: zara

Ready for play and then a nap. The top can be dressed up or down. Source: Gap

Comfort and style at its best. Source: crewcuts

Every girl needs a pair of patent leather birks...right!?! Source: crewcuts

Colorful essentials. Source: old navy

Basic cotton tees. Source: old navy

Casual perfection in one pair of shoes. Source: zuzuii 

I know Chloe doesn't like to wear dresses, but this is must for every girl. Who doesn't need a rainbow dress!?! Source: mini boden 

And for the beach, this hip swimsuit. Source: roxy 
Shorts and flips: old navy 

Voila...a cozy chic wardrobe for my darling (already stylish) niece Chloe. 

~ Danielle 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dream Beach House part one

A cool and colorful welcome from the heat.

Pink cabinets...why not!?! Bold chandy's, geometric floors and a nod to Art Deco with fun brass nobs...yes please!

No need to shy from bold and fun color at the beach. Balance it with a subdued wall of course. 

I think my son would be happy in this space.

Now all we need is funding...anyone out there want to support our warm weather endeavor? ;) More next week.

~ Danielle