Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What to Wear Wednesdays

Rory Beca Fuchsia Silk Dress $69.95
Jeffrey Campbell Grey Suede Shoes $42.95
Silver Statement Necklace $58.95
Vintage Faux Croc Clutch $15.95 

A chic pink dress, fun purse, hot heels and stunning necklace just in time for Christmas festivities. Add a silver shawl, warm silver tights and you will be the warmest bell of the ball. If you need extra help in choosing the perfect outfit for the holidays, then read the article Holiday Glam Dressing 101 featured in (an up and coming local news source) by Delia Sava. I was interviewed for this article a few weeks ago and had a blast. In it you will see me modeling a few consigned ensembles for the holidays and you will get some advice in how to glam it up for the season by me and Current Boutiques very own Amanda, who also did my make-up. If you are local to DC, Amanda at Current Boutique in Arlington is a fabulous make-up artist. She will not only make you look stunning, but will also give helpful tips as she applies your make-up.  

Not sure about all of you, but I am really diggin' on hot pink right now...

I wish you all a very Happy Holiday!!!


  1. Love pink...and that necklace is stunning! Happy Holidays to you too! Take care, Caroline

  2. Gorgeous necklace, and this shade of pink is Haute!

  3. i love it! cool clutch too! we have to go shopping together this summer!!!

  4. So me ! Great choices! you have given me ideas.