Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Design by Moon

Did you all see it last night? We did and it was stunning!!!

The moon appears red during a lunar eclipse in the Qatari capital of Doha, 28 August 2007. It's going to happen again tonight, and be visible across North America.

As I stood there with my son and husband in awe of the moon, I thought about all of the night creatures that look at the moon night after night. Did they notice a difference in the moon last night? Did it scare them? Then I began thinking about decorating with these creatures. My sister and I had a discussion the other day about which animals are our favorite...yes I know a very grown up conversation for a 34 year old and her older sister. I thought it was interesting because most of the animals she picked were creatures of the night...a fox, deer, owl, cat. And my other friend has a serious owl fetish. So in honor of the moon, my sister and friend, Monkey, I have scouted some fun images and items with these nocturnal creatures in mind...

Do you spot the owls below?

Amanda Nisbet

Albert Hadley

Jonathon Adler

Via Emily Abigail blog 

Jill Crawford

Victoria Thompson via Lonny

How about a fox in the next image?...
Lulu De Kwiatkowski via Lonny

And there are deer images aplenty right now, it's quite the rage...

Via Decorpad

Johnny and Stacie Apt.

Eileen Kathryn Boyd via Lonny

via Southern Living Mag

forgot to label

If any of the images above inspired you, then here are some fun eco-friendly items you can purchase...

These adorable hand made unique owls by Night Owl Paper Goods are upcylced from old sweaters, scrap cardstock and re-purposed bits of wood...so cute and would be a simple adornment to a little girls desk or big girl. Price varies between $36-$42.

Owl Sculpture hand carved by Jason Tennant, Silent Flight, Owl woodcarving

Upcycled green owl

Little owl fingerless gloves in beige

fox, circa 1988.

Vintage Illustration - 1934 Woman and Animals

Buck Jr.- Medium Deer Trophy- White

Deer Roses

I think it is so easy to bring images from nature indoors to make us feel more connected to the outdoors. Nature it is what grounds us and makes us feel whole. So what did you all think of the moon last night...did it inspire you in other ways?


  1. thought it was tonight :(
    must have been lovely
    the fox and the owl mittens are adorable!
    love that Jonathan Adler entry, too

  2. How many deer are in my home? A lot! I love their graceful shape and form...am particularly fond of a herd of celluloid deer that perch on a shelf in my living room. The brackets that hold the shelf are gracefully carved (need I say it) deer. Great posting.

  3. Oh, love owl figurines!! I don't know why...but I love them in a room! Take care, Caroline

  4. Danielle,
    This was so fun! I felt like I just got treated to about 3 posts, so much to enjoy!!!

  5. Dying over that yellow room of Jill Crawford...so fresh and sophisticated!! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season...