Friday, December 17, 2010

Fridays Finest Finds

Once again my weekly favorite Craigslist finds in the DC Metropolitan area...

Striped Camel Back Sofa $150 (i like the stripes and great starter sofa)
image 2115212240-1

Round Coffee Table $45 (there is something about this table that I just love, reminds me of the inside of a seashell and i think it would be lovely in almost any space)
image 2111653609-0

Velvet Wood/Caning Chairs $60/pair (upholstery for sure, looks like it  needs some filling too)
image 2109020955-1

Check out the 2 similar chairs to the ones above in the following image...

And here's a similar fabric from an online discount fabric store, Premier Prints...
To Larger Image

Asian Inspired Lamp $25 (ok this girl is a real beaut...i adore her and she would be mine, but my lamp collection is overflowing, so much so that i had to give my friend a few lamps)
image 2109724961-0image 2109724961-1

She reminds me of this handsome couple from Pieces, but her price tag is infinitely lower, this couple costs $2480...
And here is the owner of Pieces stunning bedroom with the gorgeous lamps...

Faux Bamboo Hollywood Regency Chair $75 (this is screaming pagoda red paint with black and white trellis fabric...great little side chair for a small living room)
image 2068188976-0

Mid-century Teak Lamp $10 (no paint required for this extremely inexpensive bad's lovely and would look hot in a dude's den)

Chic Gold Mirror $60 (i have posted this beauty before and I am shocked to see it still around with a hugely reduced asking price)

Barcelona Style Coffee Table $50 (sleek, sexy and great price)
image 2109190695-0

Angela Adams 'Betty' Rug $1650  (pricey...i know, but this is a stunning wool rug)
image 2101963703-0image 2101963703-1

Brand New Zebra Print Bench $150 (lovely piece and zebra is still hot)
image 2111722365-0
Below are some gorgeous inspirational images for the above bench and they were all scouted on Lonny (if you have never been to their's a must for inspiration, just click on Lonny to see it)...

Twin Headboards $60/pair (at this price, how could we resist...and yes i know i know..i'm thinking color..what color would you choose? comment below with just a color)

King Green Velvet Headboard $150
image 2113210487-0

French Provincial Sofa $225 (this is a stunning sofa and if i didn't already have a basement loaded with CL finds that i plan to redo, then this baby would be mine..hahahahaha mine i tell you!...thanks monkey for finding it)
image 2110137332-0

The sofa above reminds me the red sofa I saw on The Way We Are blog (an awesome blog you have to check her green dresser!!), although I do love it in red, I think I would keep the above sofa in blue, so no need for paint or reupholstery...

Yellow Dresser $120 free local delivery (free delivery, already painted, looks fantastic, hmmm...if you like painted pieces, but don't have the time, then this is for you)...

The following image can be used as inspiration for the above yellow dresser, see how lovely yellow looks with a pale grey backround...

Dresser $75 (ummm, paint anyone?)
image 2115297652-0
I mentioned The Way We Are blog above and this is the awesome green dresser that you could use as inspiration for the above dresser..

Hope you all enjoyed and I would love to hear what color you all would choose for the Queen Anne twin headboards way above????


  1. these are all really great finds. isn't it hard not to buy everything!

  2. Danielle...totally, but luckily finances and space keep me in check!

  3. Oh my goodness, these are some amazing finds! I want all of it!!!

  4. Just an FYI: That white Geisha lamp is originally from Urban Outfitters. I don't know if they ever sold it WITH a shade...I bought it from them online without, for $18 plus shipping, then spent $50 on a black pagoda shade. I think for $25 that little lamp is a deal...although she is plastic and not porcelain. Once again, a whole lotta look for not much money! Love your CL finds!

  5. Love the lamp! You've got so much to choose from, I feel like there is never this much good stuff on our local Craigslist. (Although I guess living in a smaller city might have something to do with that.)

  6. Thanks for the shoutout! I love your your craigslist finds!


  7. you are the queen of craigslist!