Thursday, December 16, 2010

Giveaway Winner and Holiday Cards

Congratulations Lisa in North Carolina!!!! She is the winner of my handmade pottery giveaway. I contacted her last night and this is what she said:

"I'm so excited to win such a beautiful prize! Thank you so much for providing this giveaway."

She won the blue seashell bowl, which I might add is my favorite too:


Thanks again to all of the lovely compliments of my pottery! I love to share my pieces with family and friends, so it is wonderful to extend it to all of you!! Thanks!!!!

Holiday Cards

My mother has been making cards, books and memory albums for years. Everything she creates is so gorgeous and personal. So I wanted to share the holiday cards she made this year...

A note from my mom:

I have always loved paper.   I like the way it feels in my hand and the sound it makes when I cut it with scissors.  My spinster Aunt Ruth, who was a first grade teacher for over forty years, taught me how to cut up old magazines to make collages and how to make my own paper dolls.  Because I love to create, but can’t even draw a straight line, I find using stamps, stencils, and paints allows me to make greeting cards, books, collages, and to re-purpose found objects.  Another thing I love to do is create memory albums for my grandchildren by chronicling their activities/accomplishments  during  a year and presenting them an album on their birthdays.   The cards shown here were simply made using the wonderful array of paper now available and basic art supplies that I just mentioned.  Some of the decorations on the cards were made during classes at two wonderful stores in Northern Virginia, Angela’s Happy Stamper, and Scrapbooks Plus.  The other embellishments are from my imagination and from my endless supply of scrap paper and ephemera.


Every year my son and I look forward to his memory album on his birthday. He keeps them on his dresser and we quite frequently flip through them for a stroll down memory lane. And I also look forward to our special holiday card every is always something unique and makes me feel so special that my mom is taking the time to make a personalized card for us. I love you mom!!!  


  1. Danielle, your mother is so creative, it's easy to see who you get your talent from. I think that you should have a Mom's Homemade Card Giveaway!!

    Sandi, your work is beautiful!! You need to think about getting into the card making business. Just a thought....

  2. your mom has some really beautiful cards!!! does she ever sell them???