Monday, November 22, 2010

My Ode to Neutrals

Welcome, Welcome...come one come all! Be prepared to be amazed, as evidenced below, by the shocking fact that I, yes I, indeed love neutral decor as much as bright and vivid pops of color. Hold on to your seats and observe the astounding images of my creamorific master bedroom...

My bedroom (notice the stack of magazines, this photo was taken awhile ago and now that stack has tripled...nice!)...
Photo courtesy Peter Vanderpoel

Yes, it is true that I hold in the belief that a bedroom needs to be restful and that an entire home cannot survive with electrifying decor, for the mere fact that it might cause one to have anxiety or worse need the vapors to calm their nerves. And please no need to faint for the next restful image...

My bedside table with flea market lamp, triangle pottery dish made by me (yes I dabble a bit in clay), and the beautiful framed flower image is the only thing I have from my Grandma Autumn and on the other side of the bed I have a photo of her holding my mom, so I feel protected at night with her surrounding me)...

Photo courtesy Peter Vanderpoel

Yes, yes of course I believe we need some color in our homes or the opposite calamity might occur and severe depression might set in, in that case you could find yourself crying over silly matters like your son wanting, yes lord forbid, you not to come to his school because he is now embarrassed to be around you. So to compensate this horrible affliction a bright sofa may be needed, as you can see below...

My living room, pre upholstery (the 2 chairs on the left are currently at the upholsters getting a fun make over), with my bright orange velvet sofa that I got off of Craigslist for $100...
Photo courtesy Peter Vanderpoel.

I know ladies and gentlemen, this is why we need both vivid color and touches of vanilla, yes vanilla, in our lives to keep us sane. I do hope that none of these images or me revealing the fact that I like neutral decor has caused any undo harm, please understand my intent was just to inform of the dangers of extreme, so farewell friends and good luck to you all in creating a peaceful, yet bright and happy home!!


  1. How fun! And yes I agree...there needs to be balance and moderation in everything!! Neutrals need color and colors need neutrals!! Love your are very talented! Take care, Caroline

  2. Maybe you should take a photo of your newly painted (neutral?) bathroom...hmmm. That orange sofa will stand the test of was a great find.

  3. I knew you could and would still be cool, while being neutral! Great photots!

  4. Oh your bedroom is so cute and I adore those nightstands!