Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Instead of Black Friday...

How about Etsy Friday? Wouldn't that be incredible...to shop from the comfort of your own home, support local or US based artisans and get a unique one-of-a-kind gift for that special someone???

Come on friends let's start a trend and replace the outdated, drive you mad, no parking, excessive amount of stuff Black Friday and switch to the new and improved...Etsy Friday!!

Here are some of my fave's on Etsy right now and please forgive the randomness...

Feral Cat Bag $9 (i love the expression on this cat...so charming like he wants to ever so gently scratch your eye out)
Feral Cat Tote Bag

Ink Iku Dress by threelittleducksaus $140 (anything from this shop would be okay by me)
Ink Iku Dress

Ceramic travel mug with lid $20 (love this...the potter must have had great skill b/c it is very difficult to match a ceramic mug with a plastic lid and have it fit b/c clay shrinks a lot in the kiln)
Ceramic travel mug with lid -  blue with plum accents

Re-usable fabric wall stickers $53 (these are fabric and not PVC like every other decal out there...lovin' these for a kids room or above a white sofa)
Hundreds and Thousands- wall decals, reusable fabric wall stickers

Lavender Matryoshka dolls  (so cute)
Lavender Matryoshka dolls set of 5

Coral Red Recycled Leather and Wool Cat Bag $180 (i am not sure if you can tell, but i like cats...actually i love them way too much)
Coral Red Recycled Leather and Wool Cat Bag

Turkish Towel A Peshtemal $24 (ok this is not exactly local but had to give a shout out to my peeps there)
Turkish Towel A Peshtemal

Wall Tenticle by ArtAkimbo $1,100 (i just had to put this in here)
Wall Tentacle

Agnes by CricketandBear $14 (i need agnes...isn't she just so adorable??)

Okay so that was really random with no categories or organization or color-coded what-nots or price discrimination...welcome to my brain!!!

Hope to see you tomorrow for What to Wear Wednesdays!


  1. Couldn't agree with you more!!! Some of your pics made me laugh...and make me wish I still had little kids!

  2. Love it! Agnes and the wall tentacle are definitely my favorites.

  3. Love the Turkish towels and the adorable Agnes. Also wanted to let you know that I featured your Thanksgiving tabletop from design sponge on my blog today - I just LOVE it!! Have a wonderful holiday!

  4. You couldn't get me to a mall on Friday if you paid me--I hate shopping in crowds and stress. Instead, I headed out earlier this week for cocktails & art shows, and got most of my holiday shopping done ... plus some goodies for myself as well! {One of the fab artists I visited also has an Etsy Shop: check out Denise Fike Designs. Her work is divine.}

  5. Quintessence I believe you have me confused with a company based out of Oregon called Quince and I totally agree with you, their Thanksgiving tabletop was just divine!

  6. I hate crowds so I don't care much for any kind of sales [unless it's online]. That dress is cute... I love discovering new Etsy shops :).