Friday, November 19, 2010

Fridays Finest in Philly

To all my peeps in Philly who have been commenting on my previous posts...these Craigslist finds are for you! If you are interested in any of these, all you have to do is click on the description and you will be linked directly to the listing on Craigslist.

Pair of Vintage Fireside Chairs $350 (these are so unique, wouldn't paint these bad boys)
image 2034854358-0

Antique Dining Chairs $150 for all (great price)
image 2033333317-0

Inspirational image for the chairs above, not exact, but very similar and with a nice coat of white they can look stunning...

Six Contemporary Dining Chairs $20/piece (these just caught my eye and in the right home they could be stunning...maybe add some cream or light blue velvet or whatever matches your decor)
image 2065145471-1

2 Victorian Sofa's $100/piece or $175 for both
image 2063192474-0

Check out this stunning photo of the above sofa's potential...

Zebra (cowhide) Rug $180 (so in right now and what a fab price)
image 2003990620-0

Hollywood Regency Bar Cart $150
image 2057274790-2

Orange Chevron Print Sofa $100
image 2061464402-0

Orange Armchair $150
image 2050640184-1

Pair of French Regency Headboards $495
image 2054843467-0

6 Kitchen Chairs for $60
image 2056238342-0

Gold Painted Mirror $30
image 2065372038-1

Elegant sofa with botanical print $200
image 2058077512-0image 2058077512-3

Coffee Table Base $100
image 2051634390-0

2 Family Room Chairs $20 (so cheap...remember you can always remove the skirt)
image 2055626101-0

Pair 1940's Jen Risom Original Knoll Chairs $120
image 2063701445-0

Living Room Chairs $75/pair
image 2034032592-1

Black Cane Top and Bottom Coffee Table $175
image 2007594478-0

??? forgot to paste a link...
image 2061140352-0image 2061140352-1

3 Drawer small dresser $50
image 2060998369-0

Pair Winged Back Chairs $150/both obo
image 2062991102-0

Gold Conversation Chairs $300/both
image 2058707268-0

Bamboo Coffee Table $60
image 2060064397-0

Upholstered Chairs $80
image 2064054536-2

Inspirational photo...
dining rooms - Benjamin Moore Seashell - dining room white dining chair floor lamp chandelier modern table mirror old mirror antique mirror curtains drapes

Pair of Glam Lucite Lamps $25/pair
image 2031977629-0

Rattan Dining Table and 6 chairs $199
image 2043369643-1

Perfect Cane Chairs $100
image 1991413218-0

If you want to paint, they could look like this (although I might keep them as is b/c in great condition)...

Sorry...I had no time for inspirational photos! But, remember my motto...paint and upholstery have the power to transform!! Hope you found something you liked! 



  1. THANK YOU! So happy to get your discriminating eye on the finds in Philly. As it turns out I have been looking for a silver bar cart for a decorating client for months ... mind sending me that link? (yay!)

  2. Just click on the description and it will take you there :)'re totally welcome! I have a sister-in-law in Philly too!

  3. Really great, Danielle. Im super impressed. Chairloom might have to go after a few of these beauties.

  4. Fantastic craigslist selections. We really don't have any good finds like these in KY. I would love to have the table and chairs for $150. I actually have the lucite lamps, mine are from Target and I love them. Great post!

    Amy R.

  5. Thanks Molly...I was hoping you might take advantage of some of the items listed. It makes me feel so good to know that you will make them awesome!

    And thanks Amy...that's too bad :( that you don't have a great CL there and lucite lamps are so gorgeous!!

  6. You've got a great eye and I love how you do the inspirational images too. Not in Philly, but do love the city!

  7. Thanks so much Hamptontoes..I hope it inspires people to purchase second hand more because there is so much incredible stuff out there.

  8. TY for including Philly. Many, many great finds here in these suburbs. If anybody is looking for something special, I would love to help! Adrienne