Friday, November 26, 2010

Fridays Finest


Jeanine Hays, of AphroChic, recently posted about this Domino image, stating that it was the inspirational photo that launched AphroChic.  And I remember it fondly...the cheerful chairs, clean lines, white walls mixed with a few antiques and the adorable little girl. Anyway, it now has inspired me to do a Craigslist Finest post on it. All of the comparable's below are on DC's Craigslist and if you would like the link, just post a comment...

Gorgeous mirrored coffee cross table $300 (i love this coffee table and because it looks too dark i would spray paint it in silver...metallic spray paints don't come in low voc, so please remember to spray outside)
image 2068121145-0

Crate and Barrel Sofa $550 (almost the exact match...can you see it???)
image 2076231982-0

Solid Organic Cotton Pillow from Fabricadabra on sale for $25 (fabricadabra carries fabulous inexpensive organic pillow covers)
OC021 Solid organic cotton pillow cover Raspberry

Pair of French Provincial Armchairs $380/pair (a few coats of Ben Moore Dove White will transform these chairs...remember to do it before you take it to the upholsters)
image 2068891329-0

Re-upholster the above chairs in Rubie Green East Village Upholstery Fabric $90/yard (instead of about fun chevron and you will only need about 4 yards or less)
East Village

Silhoutte Black and White $90 (AphroChic's awesome pillows will add some comfort to the chairs above)
Silhouette Black & White
A side note of interest, AphroChic is on sale until Monday:
AphroChic Black Friday Sale!

Round wood side table $90 (simple, clean and useful)
image 2072978416-1

Wooden Table Lamp $5 (uh...incredible price, just get rid of the shade and buy a black drum shade)
image 2073283717-1

Spray paint the above lamp in this:
Krylon H20 Yellow Sea Spray Paint $4.99/can (the H2O line is lower in VOC and I use it all of the time b/c it doesn't smell as bad and is latex based, instead of oil like all spray paint)

Fun and Modern Chandelier $129 (not exactly like the one above, but totally cool don't you think?)
image 2067310898-2

Large Silver/White Mirror $75 (simple and clean...excellent accompaniment to the rest of the space and great price)
image 2067385236-0

Rugs: It is rather difficult to find good rugs on Craigslist, so I would recommend a cotton or wool rug in lieu synthetic.

Madeline Weinrib Golden Rod Cotton Rug (okay, since you have saved a fortune from buying on CL, then why not spend a pretty penny on a gorgeous Madeline Weinrib rug...need to contact for details)

West Elm Andalusia Rug 8 x 10 $459 cotton/wool (a fairly inexpensive comparable)
Andalusia Rug

And for the wall art, how about a hot pink feather boa spun around a piece of round cardboard.
courtesy google images

Hope you all were inspired! If you need a link to any of the items, then please just leave a comment below...


  1. Hot pink and yellow--colors that make you feel cheerful and energetic...add a dash of black for boldness and you are an instant trendsetter...really like your Craig's List trolling this week.

  2. The pink stripe painted French chairs are fantastic...maybe paired with WE yellow medallion fun!

  3. I look forward to this feature every week!

    Also, thank you so much for listing me in your blogroll! (Love that!)

    I have you on my "Crazy About" blog list as well and yesterday mentioned you and Fresh Quince in a post. Tried to email you about it, but your email comes up as "noreplyblogger" so not sure you got it. Hope it brings some readers your way. Happy holiday season!