Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Leap into Organics

I was shopping at Whole Foods in Arlington yesterday, doing my usual...sniffing soap (at least it's not something else). And I came upon a new brand of soap...Leap Organics. The soap smelled divine and was packaged in super fun box's (that would be great to reuse for mini-gifts like earrings, small ornaments or gift cards). And I loved their mission statement:

WE BELIEVE in harnessing the purity of the best thing in nature - and then giving something back. That's why we use recycled packaging and renewable energy, pursue ZERO-WASTE, SUSTAINABLE business practices and DONATE 3% OF SALES to non-profits THAT MAKES CLEAN SKIN FOR A CLEAN CONSCIENCE.

This is my favorite and love the fun play on words and octopus image (so does my son)...
Eucalyptus Body Bar
This smells so fresh and summery...
Lemongrass Body Bar
And this is a great holiday gift...
Lavender Body Bar
Every year I make a bunch of unique (unique b/c they can look a little odd) hand-built pottery pieces and I usually put soap or chocolate in them and wrap in lemon wrappers (you know the yellow or purple net looking stuff) and give them away to family and friends.

If you don't make pottery or have the time, then Etsy is a great place to go.

Here are my 2 favorite stores on Etsy...
Funky Plate

Raven Consultation- rustic hand built  stoneware sculpture pottery bowl

I used the soap last night, after giving it a good sniff, and loved it! Looks like Leap Organics is a fairly new company that will be offering more organic products in the future...can't wait to see the packaging!


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