Monday, October 11, 2010

The Pink Ribbon of Hope

Recently a dear friend of mine asked me to pose in a t-shirt he made for Breast Cancer Awareness (I love that he used organic cotton...more expensive, but worth it). 10% of the proceeds will go to the Young Survival Coalition, YSC, it is an admirable non-profit organization dedicated to young women with breast cancer and it's unique challenges.

My friend owns where he spreads information about the environment, travel, health and also sells super cool 'made in the USA' organic t-shirts like this one..
I have this and I love it!

I was so happy to help support this important cause, as I have three family friends who have recently passed away due to ovarian cancer and another young friend who is a breast cancer go girl!

Here is a lovely pink room in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness...shouldn't we all have a little pink in our design :)...

Flickr image

And pink in nature...

A bee getting pollen from a Quince flower - flickr image

Do you think that every designer should include their client's state of health into their design?

Thanks for supporting,


  1. Adorable! We all need to get the word out. Early detection has saved many lives!!

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