Friday, October 15, 2010

Fridays Finest Craigslist Finds

Every Friday I plan to highlight what I think are the top Craigslist finds in the DC Metropolitan Area. Craigslist is a wonderful resource, but so many do not have the time to search or see its potential.

This is a recent West Elm picture showcasing a sofa and furniture. I really like the pattern on the sofa with the rich color on the wall and have been searching Craigslist for something similar (just a little hobby of mine)...

And here is a sofa on Craigslist in the same style...

Do you see the similarity? I do and if I got it I would bring a picture of the awesome West Elm sofa with me to the upholsterer. I would take off the pillows and opt for two small back and side pillows and I would upholster it in this...

Atti Indigo

or this...
Kochi Lapis

or for a darker sofa...

Enlarge Picture

or for less expensive fabric...

Traditions Chocolate/White (not really the same vibe, but still nice)

Add these legs (very easy to do)...
Bun Feet $8.75/piece
Bun Feet P099-SF (Cherry in pic)
And viola you have a newish sofa that is TOTALLY personalized...I love it!

Here are a few more Craigslist finds...

Large Old School Sofa - make an offer (imagine it upholstered in something a little less 80's)
image 2006877834-0

image 2004751798-0

image 2005668093-0
Check out all of these from a Designers close-out sale...

image 2001936393-1

image 2001936393-0
image 2001936393-3

I seriously could go on's amazing how much is out there!!

Good Luck and hope you find something you like!!!


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