Monday, October 18, 2010

Gourds Gone Ghoulish

This is the first year, in 6 years, I have not grown my gorgeous gourds and I am depressed! Every year the vines would spin around my front lawn and I would sit in my living room and enjoy listening to all of the families go by and point out the pumpkins to their children. It was a delight to watch the kids count the pumpkins and ask if they could grow pumpkins too. And it was doubly wonderful to see my son take pride in our petite pumpkin patch. We would give many away, but we always had enough left over to carve...

So in honor of my pumpkins here are some gourdgeous pumpkin infused interiors that I think would be easy to replicate using craigslist or eco-friendly furniture...

Stunning Living Room by Jill Sorensen (I've seen this in person and it's beautiful with many antiques)

Courtesy: LiveLikeYou (can't wait for the e-commerce site to be's going to be fun)

A creamy dreamy bedroom...

Amanda Nisbet

Love the chairs...find similar ones on Craigslist all of the time and check out the blanket, these are always on Ebay...
Image Via Domino - Barry Benson

I would think you would be pretty bold to do this blood orange staircase...
Sorry can't remember where I found this

And my all time favorite front door color (totally regretting painting my front door yellow) from an incredible local designers home...
by Lauren Leiss at Pure Style Home (you all have to check out her blog...she's not only beautiful, uber talented, but one of the nicest people I have ever met and her boys are adorable!)

I hope you all enjoy carving your pumpkins!



  1. Love your Halloween post! Thank You for including my orange TV room. It was meant as a temporary makeover but is still around-it's just makes us so happy!

  2. But of course...whenever I think of the perfect orange for a wall I think of your TV room!