Thursday, November 10, 2011

Craigslist This Space

Living Etc. 

I recently saw this warm and inviting image on my friend Ashley's blog, Meet Me in Philadelphia, and thought what a perfect fall inspired room to use for Craigslist This Space. So here it goes...

Sofa: MCM $?

Upholster above sofa in: Robert Allen Velvet Straw...

Robert Allen  Radiant Velvet Straw

Chair: MCM $? (Two are better than one and cushions more comfy than none.)...

Upholster Chairs in: Monaco Cotton Ikat Silver/Grey...

Monaco Cotton

Coffee Table: Modern $90

Side Tables: MCM 2 tiered tables $220/pair (Although the inspirational image doesn't show the sidetables, I thought these would work nicely.)...

Lamps: White Table $20 (Spray paint lamps Bright White and add gold stripes with Metallic spray paint.)...


Now onto the items I couldn't find on Craigslist...

Kraft Paper Hardback Lamp Shade 6x16x11 (Spider)

Wall Print: Rhinoceros Print Etsy (I like the print of the man in the inspirational image used, but I'm always drawn more to animals and landscapes.)...

Rhinoceros 8x10 Print

Wall Color:  Benjamin Moore Norway Spruce...

  Benjamin Moore 452 Norway Spruce

Hope you all have a warm and lovely weekend!


  1. that is too funny because my head immediately went to that west elm rug after seeing the room, and then voila, there it was! :)
    gorgeous room! great colors! hope you are feeling well!

  2. Danielle does it again! Glad I inspired you to recreate this space in your own ingenious fashion. Call me crazy, but I'm digging that green sofa as-is!

    Love that you scrapped the b&w photo of the woman for a rhino--much more fun!

  3. @ Cassie...thanks!
    @ Ashley...too funny I totally thought the image was a guy. Also completely agree that the green sofa is totally awesome on it's own.
    xx Danielle

  4. Amazing what you can find out there if you only look. So creative - and by they way, you have a GREAT eye. XO

  5. Love what you picked for the room Danielle! You really do have a great eye!!

  6. Such great picks...adore the West Elm rug!!

  7. You have an amazing talent for doing this! I happen to have a bold of 13 yds of fabric much like what you showed - I'd sell it cheap!

  8. you are a smart woman & I love your thinking!!!!!

  9. Great picks! This was such an interesting post and I agree you did a great job!

  10. Another slam dunk for you! Oh how I wish I could find a sofa like that, I just have to keep looking! I like your rhino pic better, it just gives the room one more surprise!