Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Aspen Living...I wish

A number of years ago we had the pleasure of visiting a friend who lived in a stunning home in Aspen, Colorado.  We not only enjoyed the wonderful hospitality, but the amazing mountain views were so captivating that I began to imagine a dream home in this setting whereby the outdoors would be visible from every part of the house So, at the time I had designed my own Aspen dream home in my head with majestic windows, warm wood floors and simple, neutral decor. I hadn't given it much thought until I saw this chic modern home owned by Aerin Lauder in the recent Vogue...

I was immediately struck by how much it resembled my own dream design years ago. I love the idea of having a country home in the city and a modern window surrounded one in the country. Here are a few more images of Lauder's home...

Last, who wouldn't want to grab a warm mug of hot chocolate, blanket and watch nature unfold here...

Of course my home would be furnished with second hand items and be fur free. 


  1. The place you shared that is perfect for taking a rest. That is so bright and really cool room among all your photographs of your rooms.

  2. Oh my gosh. Those views!! And that bathroom. Oh, and the outdoor area too!! Wow and wow!

  3. That house is amazing! Let's live there.

  4. I love this home. I wouldn't change a thing except the buck head in the livingroom. Thank for sharing.