Monday, April 4, 2011



Thanks Danika of Gorgeous Shiny Things in nominating Fresh Quince for the Stylish Blogger Award. I am honored as she is not only extremely creative and stylish, but also very informative. Thanks again Danika!

As part of the award I now will share 7 things you may not know about me:

1. I was born in Turkey in an old somewhat dilapidated hospital.
2. I have a massive birthmark on my back, which gets most Doctors knickers in a twist. But I love it because it looks like a map. As a child I used to pretend it was a real map of a faraway land that someday I may discover...hasn't happened. 
3. I also have a birthmark on my forehead in the shape of the letter V, but it only appears when I am upset...nice huh?
4. I went back to Turkey when I was eight for a visit with former neighbours. And whilst I was there I lost my tooth. An older Turkish lady told me to throw it in the Bosphorus, wait 'till I am 18 and then come back to collect my tooth which will have transformed into a pearl. Haven't been back yet.
5.  I tend to cry when children are sad. I had to avoid a kid at my son's school for a long time because he would cry every morning before school, which would always make me tear up. 
6. I love cloudy warm days. The sun can give me a headache.
7. I suffer from migraines occasionally. Do any of you suffer from them? If so, how do you handle it? I really would love your input. 

Well on that bright happy note, I now would like to pass the award to...

Kimberly at The Green Room aka Chattafabulous. I love all of her vintage finds.

danielle oakey interiors
Danielle at Danielle Oakey Interiors. She has a serious gift for design.

Irene at Design Stiles. Great style and she's hysterical too.

Hase Haus
Shannon at Hase Haus. Her and her husband just bought a home. They are masters at turning shabby into chic and I can't wait to see how they transform their new new home. 

Tina at Komma Hem. She has fabulous inspirational ideas and always lovely images.

Meet Me in Philadelphia
Ashley at Meet Me in Philadelphia. She has great style and it is a delight watching her design her home. She is so sweet as well.

Primitive & Proper
Cassie at Primitive and Proper. She is the Queen of refinishing dressers and has so much energy it never ceases to amaze me. My one dresser painted equals 10 of hers. 

Nancy at Cozamia. Check out her fabulous blog and her incredible prints...I won one last week and I can't wait to show you all. 

Hope you all had great weekend! xx Danielle


  1. Loved reading about your fun facts. Curious what your husband thought the first time he saw the V! So sorry you missed the Press Day event. I'll be posting a bunch more. Am also planning to go the opening party this Fri night - not sure but there may still be tickets left. Your list of bloggers reminds me how many amazing blogs there are out there!

  2. Danielle- I love these things about you! The map-shaped birthmark on your back. Your life seems straight out of a movie!

    I started getting migranes years ago when I worked CAD (computer aided design) in front of a computer 9-5 at an architecture firm. No pain: just visual auras, arms that would go numb starting with my fingers, and a terrible brain fog. Then it would go away in a half hour and I'd have a small headache on one side of my temple for a while.

    So I quit! To work for myself designing jewelry! And only have had full-blown migranes since after each kid was born. Fun labor bonus, I guess...

    But sunlight and glare make me feel strange still, so I always wear the sunglasses (even when it's cloudy) and the huge brimmed hat outside. Could you tell us a little more about your migranes and the triggers? I bet people have some good advice and I'd like to hear it, too!

    The bummer is when I want to be super eco-friendly. I'd love to paint my house a solar-reflecting white but don't know if I could handle the glare. And inside I'd like to add more solar gain south facing windows but the glare from the south-facing windows in my house already is too much for me.


  3. I loved reading about you! wondeful blog list. happy new week to you. warm hugs

  4. Love these gives us a window in on each other! Love the birthmark daughter has one on the back of her neck, its huge...As her Mom, I am glad her hair covers it!
    Thanks for sharing! Glad to get to know you a little better!

  5. @mynottinghill...luckily he is the kind of guy that doesn't notice stuff like that and as I'm getting older it is fading, so you have to look hard to notice. And I would love to go the the opening night...I'll see if any tickets are left.
    @Loretta...bright lights and cars are my triggers for sure. So sorry you suffer as well.
    @designelents...thanks so much and warm hugs to you too.
    @vintagevine...thanks :).

  6. thanks so much for passing on the award! and i also found these little facts fascinating- the birthmarks, and your birthplace are really interesting! i am going to bookmark so i can come back and check out all these other blogs, too! i follow some but i haven't heard of a coupl- fun new reads!

  7. Firstly congratulations on your award. It's always interesting to hear about the person behind the blog.And I've actually always wanted to go to Turkey!!

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Danielle! You are so sweet, thank you for the nomination! How fascinating that you were born in Turkey!

  9. Danielle- I will try and find some time to check out the blogs you nominated!

    Thanks for sharing about the migraines (I really don't suffer anymore, it's been five years since I last had one at Son H's birth.) Sad to hear about cars triggering them for you. That's a really hard one to avoid!


  10. OMG Danielle, I feel sooo honored to be one of the chosen one for this Blog Award!!! Thank you Love, it means a lot!!!
    Always nice to get to know someone in Blogland a bit more and your 7 things are personal too, that is even more interesting and fun!
    Like you I have been suffering for migraine for years. For me it´s all about stress but also hormones. I have not had any of these headaces since I started with my GI-program though, I ´ve also heard other ones whom got rid of their migraine- problems with this 'diet'(low carb, no sugar) after only a few weeks. Might be worth to give it a try!?
    Take good care of you sweet Danielle and Thank you so much for the Award!

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  12. Sorry, Danielle, but that posted really weird. Well deserved award - loved learning more about you and so fascinating that you were born in Turkey!

  13. I loved learning all this about you!! I hope you get to go back to Turkey sometime soon. As for the migraines - ugh. I've had them for three some years now. Excedrin tension headache medicine has really helped mine - if I take them as soon I feel them about to start. Oh, and it made me sad just thinking about you crying when you see a kid crying!! I can't think of anything worse than seeing a child sad. xx

  14. Thanks so much everyone for the kind comments...let's all take a trip to Istanbul, sound good?
    @Alena...thanks so much for the info, I'll have to try Excedrin now for sure. And yes I am a big baby...I have a serious case of over active empathy!

  15. I too have a mark that gets every new doctor concerned because it's on my lower back. It's not a birthmark, however, it's a scar (a polygon about 6 inches in diameter) from Herpes zoster (chicken pox/shingles) which lives in your spinal column. They may think your birthmark is also herpetic, and there is always a concern that shingles will be transferred to a fetus.

  16. Danielle!! Thank you sooo much for this, what an awesome surprise! I will definitely be checking out these fellow bloggers too :)

  17. @Melody...hmmmm maybe that is why every Dr., that isn't a dermatologist, freaks out and asks how long I've had the rash. Thanks for sharing!
    @Nancy...but of course I really love your blog and art, have I told you that already ;)!