Friday, April 1, 2011

Fridays Finest Finds

Below are my favorites on DC's Craigslist...

Anthropologie-chic Pink Sofa $149 {i love the color, the shape and the price}...
image 2290595291-0

Vintage Crystal Chandelier $150 {very regal indeed}...
image 2291267921-1

2 Bamboo Chairs $100/pair {another show stopper for the price. add a comfy cushion and you have some  unique chairs.}...
image 2286033999-1image 2286033999-0

Vintage Sofa $550 {i would offer less for sure, paint the wood if not in good condition and reupholster in a fun print.}...
image 2290254761-3image 2290254761-1

French Country Love Seat $249 {a perfect size for a smaller place. paint the walls pale blue and add this beauty.}...
image 2290202478-0

Scandinavian Upholstered Settee $450 {gorgeous bones. dare i say paint and new clothes. red paint and black/white striped fabric.}...
image 2287618617-0image 2287618617-3

image 2294298688-1image 2294298688-0

2 Matching Red Velvet Chairs $30/pair {the price is right for a re-upholstery job.}
image 2296378964-1

image 2287215579-0image 2287215579-2

Eames-Era Vintage-Modern Tulip Table and Chairs $175 {paint walls bright white, add a vintage silver chandelier and let's have dinner}...
image 2290581484-0

image 2293205118-0

To see how chic they could look, below are similar style chairs...
Inspirational Image via Ashley Whittaker 

3 Tier Glass Table $20 {are you just starting out? need a bar cart? this is for you!}...
image 2289717034-1

Side Chairs $350/pair {add to a modern mix to shake things up a bit.}
image 2287850404-3image 2287850404-0

Below is an inspirational image for the chairs above...
Via Decorista 

Designer Mirror $100 {great shape.}
image 2296225656-0

If you don't like gold, then black always looks fabulous...
Inspirational Image via Danielle Oakey Interiors

Lovely Bamboo Stacking Tables $75 {perfect for a small studio. remember paint.}...

White Nightstand $25 {sort of large for a nightstand, but would be perfect for bar.}...
image 2293962488-1image 2293962488-0

Paint it white, add a vintage lamp, a favorite photo, a tray with drinks and you have this...
Inspirational Image via Coastal Living

Retro Ultra Modern Lucite Lamp $75 {incredible price.}...
image 2262066680-0

Chairs, set of 2 matching occasional chairs $100 {great price for a pair of beautiful, rich side chairs.}...
image 2290293395-1

Thomasville (1974) Dining Set $350 {yes the entire set for that price. the sideboard alone is amazing!}...
image 2288219078-0image 2288219078-3
image 2288219078-2

Just buy the credenza above and paint it white and it'll be almost elegant as this...
Inspirational Image via Room Service

image 2287684463-0

Barcelona Chairs (Replica) $1400/pair {looks so buttery soft. perfect for a man cave...right?}...
image 2283558465-0

image 2290873456-0

Chairs $100/each {simple and lovely.}...
image 2288263730-3

But if you don't like grey for the chairs above, how about green?...
Inspirational Image Unknown 

Elephant Shape Marble Table Base with 6 Chairs $230 {forget the chairs and just buy the base.}...
image 2283420524-0

Toddler Settee $12 {even your toddler can sit in style. maybe spray paint it hot pink and add a vintage floral cushion for comfort. take a picture and send it to me.}...
image 2296576664-0

Beautiful Rattan Table, 4 Chairs and Side Table $400 {this should not all be in one room...too much bamboo for sure, but separate they are awesome.}...
image 2289421098-3image 2289421098-1
image 2289421098-0image 2289421098-2

image 2294241438-3image 2294241438-0

Pair of Sunny Yellow Vintage $800/chair {ummm...these are amazingly gorgeous. i WANT!}...
image 2287291000-0image 2287291000-1

Elegant Lucite & Brass Table Lamp with Cherub Baby Head $75 {ummm...just had to add this bizarro head lamp thing.}...
image 2287331228-2image 2287331228-0

Have a wonderful weekend friends! xx Danielle


  1. Oh, great finds!! I just bought 2 upholstered chairs like the red velvet ones you have listed-- just trying to find the best fabric choice for them! Take care, Caroline

  2. many amazing finds- I can't even remember what I love most- that toddler settee for $12 is pretty incredible- would so be buying that if I lived anywhere close to DC.

  3. Those first two bamboo chairs had me at hello! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. UGH! If only the pair of bamboo chairs for $100 weren't over 2 hours away from Philly (yes, I checked Google Maps!) I would be there to get them in a heartbeat! I love this feature, Danielle. Keep it comin'!

  5. yep, its confirmed DC does have much better selection than Atlanta.

  6. Danielle, you astound me! You have such an amazing eye for design. I look at half of those things and can't figure out how I'd make them work...and then I see your "inspirational images" and think, "Oh, of course that random granny chair could be beautiful with a fresh coat of paint and the right fabric!" You're a visionary, sister. :)

  7. Wow, I can't believe the ideas you come up with, you definitely have that eye that I wish i had..

  8. ohh...i love the french country love seat! and those yellow chairs!! and the stools! your weekly post is going to turn me into a furniture hoarder :) hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. AWEsome! FANtastic! and I love knowing someone else besides me spends lots of time on my fave decor/porn site, CL!

    I get your blog posts via email so I have to switch over to your site to comment, or I'd be doing it more often. LOVE seeing what you're doing, thanks so much for sharing!

  10. As always, simply incredible finds. I always love the credenzas when they are painted white - so much character and practicality!!

  11. Danielle -Great finds!

    I just realized I never have been a official follower of Fresh Quince - so now I am your #122!


  12. Great eye! Absolutely pining for the lamp and those french stools!

  13. For crying out loud...I guess I am going to have to fly up get a truck and shop CL!!! What amazing finds.