Monday, March 28, 2011

A Recent Find and curateDE

A pre-painted Mid Century Modern dresser...

My dear in-laws are here all week and I needed an extra dresser, so obviously Craigslist to the rescue! The artwork above is created by none other than the talented Mr. C. And I'll reveal the final English garden inspired guest bedroom as soon as it's complete. But truth be told design for me is always a work in progress...that is what makes it exciting.

The afore mentioned guest room is filled to the brim with collected artwork, plates and prints from flea markets, second hand stores to gifts. It reminds me of this image (but a tad more crowded)...

Photo credit: Timothy Kolk

The pretty vignette above was featured in a recent Elle Decor article titled "How to Hang Art On a Wall." I spotted it on curateDE, 'the design aficionado's digest,' created by Murali Narasimhan and the brilliant interior designer Raji Radhakrishnan. I had the pleasure of working with her last year designing a shelter for abused was one of the most wonderful experiences. If you haven't already signed up for curateDE you need too...

"curateDE is your portal to the best online design content from magazines and blogs. You can select from 50+ online design sources and view the lead-ins to the latest articles updated by the hour. You can also save articles from ANY source to your favorites. Clicking on each lead-in takes you to the original source to read the full article. curateDE is free, exciting and the easiest way to be totally in the know of what is happening in the Design World! Start curating now! Happy reading, swooning and getting inspired!" Quoted from curatDE

You can also subscribe to the weekly curateDE Edition by entering your e-mail address here.



  1. i love that dresser! i saw it on craigslist! that girl does some nice work, but i must say i have emailed her (or him i guess) to say so and be friendly and introduce myself and she has not written back. i have done that twice now, so my opinion of her went down unfortunately, even if she does do nice work. i feel like we should all be a community and help each other out and be nice, but i guess she doesn't think so!
    it was so great to see you again saturday! i think we are going to make plans for another this summer!

  2. DANIELLE!! You won the art print giveaway!! Come on over and visit me.

    LOVE the dresser BTW, I'm looking for something just like that.

  3. Oh, I will have to check out that site-- and love the dresser! Take care, Caroline

  4. Love the dresser and the talented Mr. C's artwork. Your guest room sounds wonderful. I had signed up for curateDE then forgot about it - MUST go back to visit!!

  5. Cassie...she is extremely nice, but also extremely busy. I'd chalk it up to the fact that her time is very very limited and I think sometimes we all say to ourselves I'll e-mail in a bit and that 'in a bit' turns into longer and then something comes up and sometimes that 'in a bit' is forgotten. Not trying to make excuses, but she really was a fascinating and kind woman. And so are you!

  6. Thanks for sharing this resource - it's new to me!

  7. Love the artwork Mr. C's done for you! Hope you have fun with your extended family!

  8. Great tip on CurateDE ... I'd never heard of it.
    Can't wait to see your entire guest room!

  9. Danielle I love the dresser and your wall of art!! Great new tiop and I will use it!

    I have a new giveaway up I think you will love…from The Zhush!

    Art by Karena

  10. can't wait to see your entire guest room. lovely dresser. have a wonderful new week

  11. That dresser! The lamp. The artwork. LOVE it!!

  12. Beautiful dresser and seriously dying over all of those great craigslist finds you posted below.


  13. Great dresser...and what a catch that Mr. C. He does fabulous artwork!!

  14. Danielle, I am also ready to show off some bare arms! Lovely dress and very affordable.

    Hope all is well!

    Happy weekend to you.