Friday, March 25, 2011

Fridays Finest Finds

Once again here are my favorite finds on DC's Craigslist...

image 2280247665-0

Cane and Rattan Table & 6 Chairs $350 {need a patio set?}
image 2284025123-0

The CL sun porch set above is lovely as is, but also would look fabulous painted black with new fabric...
Inspirational Image via NZ House & Gardens 

White Bamboo Style Wood Chairs, Glass End Table and Lamp $250/all {i adore this set. such a great price for all of that. i even like the lamp and probably wouldn't reupholster the sweet stripes. hmmm, maybe i can get it for my neice.}
image 2275954055-0image 2275954055-1
image 2275954055-2

Vintage Phillipinne Bamboo and Cane Settee $250 {this settee comes as a set, see below. would look smashing in a sun porch. wish i had a sun porch.}...
image 2278699607-0

Or you could use the settee above in your entry...
Inspirational Image by Thornton Designs via Decor Pad

Vintage Phillipinne Chairs $250/pair {this a great price folks. can you tell i like caning?}
image 2278689250-0

Twin Bamboo Headboard $40 {paint it orange for your daughters tween bedroom. remember to use zero voc paint...i mean come on it's right next to her head.}
image 2276844306-0

Cane Backed Mahogany Sofa $1750 {this is substantially more expensive than the cane settee above. go check out the listing as the person has had it in their family since the early 1900's. now they're off to italy and can't take it. my advice to them...put it in storage.}
image 2281491618-0image 2281491618-3

Wicker Furniture Set $300 {ignore the upholstery, that is unless you like it of course.}
image 2282998148-3image 2282998148-0

Paint the CL wicker set above black, reupholster the cushions in white linen and you'll have a gorgeous set for your sun room...
Inspirational Image via Kelley Interior Design (a awesome local interior designer)

Haywood Wakefield Arm Chair $225 {just thought this was interesting. great accent chair for your sun room...yes i said it again.}
image 2282978605-0

Bamboo Bar Cabinet $100 {for some reason i'm not feeling the color combo. i think i would paint it a solid color instead. either way it's still cool, especially with those knobs.}
image 2282625790-3image 2282625790-1

Birdcage $45 {have birds? well i probably wouldn't put birds in it, but this would look nice in a sun room...i'm sorry just had to say it again. heehee.}
image 2282452851-0

Holy wicker, cane, bamboo, sun room bat man! Now onto more...

Elegant Newly Upholstered Chairs $598/pair {love these chairs. great lines.}
image 2281435471-0

Wingback Chair $25 {someone help this sad girl. remember that you can have the entire chair stripped to it's bones and new padding and cushions applied.}
image 2279404803-3

Transform her into the magnificent beauties you see below...
Inspirational Image by Tim Kemp on Elle Decor found via Splendid Willow

Complete the transformation with this fabric by Katherine Rally. I emailed her awhile back about fabric stain repellents and she promptly responded that although their fabric is not organic, they at least don't use stain repellent chemicals. Nice!...
Enlarge Picture

Leather Wingback Chair $75 {awesome for a man cave.}
image 2272193343-0

Crate and Barrel Leather Dylan Chair $950 {you'll save over $1000 by buying this used, instead of new at Crate and Barrel. it's stunning too!}
image 2270199122-0

image 2273830842-0

Baker Credenza $750 {this is just stunning...right? no paint required whatsoever.}
image 2283396822-2image 2283396822-1

FREE Antique Dresser and Vanity {would be sad to paint, but looks like it needs it. free remember?}
image 2282623710-1image 2282623710-2

Dresser $95 {they had me at the handles. for $95 it's a bargain.}
image 2282395760-1image 2282395760-0
image 2282395760-2

Faux Bamboo Mirror $95 {good price. featured on MoS too.}
image 2282085095-0

Large Dresser $200 obo {change the knobs and you have something gorgeous.}
image 2282043579-0

The dresser above reminds me of this beauty from Maison Luxe...

Brigitte Large Dresser $1650 via Maison Luxe

How about with these knobs from Anthropologie...
Ripe Melon Pull
Ripe Melon Pull $6/each

image 2283368391-0image 2283368391-3

Coffee Table Maison Jansen Style $200 {great price i believe for this beauty.}
image 2283392197-0

Brass Coffee Table $100  {lovin' the swan heads.}
image 2281311557-0image 2279286025-1

Matching Brass Lamps $75 {very regal indeed my dear lassies.}
image 2280020960-0image 2280020960-2

Accent Chairs $50/each {should be titled fabulous chairs for an incredible price. get 'em paint 'em reupholster 'em and send pics.}
image 2206802304-1image 2206802304-0

Table and Chairs Herman Miller Steelcase Chrome $375/set {for the set? really? naw? let's go on this together. i'll take one chair and the table. which 3 friends of mine want a sexy desk chair?}
image 2283359177-1image 2283359177-0

Retro Chrome Chandelier and Sconce $250 {one sconce? kinda funny, but hey who cares that chandy is flippin' fantastic.}
image 2274843209-1image 2274843209-3

Occasional Chairs $500 {i think i have a love for carved wood. the arms on these are so unique.}
image 2271449272-0image 2271449272-1

image 2279524704-0
image 2279524704-3image 2279524704-1

La-Z Boy Velvet Wingback Recliner $75 {color doesn't match your home? see below.}
image 2282390633-0

Can't afford upholstery and the color doesn't match? Why not paint the fabric! Kristy from Hyphen Interiors bought a Craigs chair similar to the one above and decided to paint because the cost of upholstery was too expensive. She was then featured on Emily A. Clark's blog (a favorite of mine) here with a full tutorial on how to paint fabric. Now I have stenciled fabric many times, but truly have never thought about painting a chair. Doesn't the after look fabulous...

IMG_4609     IMG_4787 (441x640)
Incredible right? Great job Kristy!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xx Danielle


  1. I love this idea for a blog! Thanks so much for mentioning my painted blue chair! I really appreciate that.

  2. Oh my gosh, Danielle, I am DYING over your finds! I want to jump in my car right now and come to DC to buy the vintage bamboo chairs you featured first. They are amazing!!

  3. Wow! Great finds- are you sure you are not related to Eddie Ross?
    He is the King of great finds...

  4. OMG! I need those cane chairs. I am so tempted to ask my in-laws in DC to pick them up! I'd paint them black and hand the Retro Chrome Chandelier above my DR table. I have it all planned out!

  5. ooh, loving all this bamboo. I especially love the first pair of chairs. And the birdcage. Can't forget the birdcage.

    Happy Weekend!

  6. i looove those first two bamboo sets of chairs. i had seen the first one, but not the white set... swoon! i need a bigger house!

  7. As always - fantastic finds with great inspiration and imagination of what they all could become!!

  8. Stop it!!! Between the cane barrel chairs and the bamboo bar I am dying. We simply do not get these kinds of goods in our area. In Birmingham, the good stuff (like this) all goes to Bargain Carousel (which is a fundraiser for the Jr. League). It is a great cause, but it hurts our listings for Craig! :( Love your finds (very jealous)!!!! M.

  9. That mahogany chest--I have the matching highboy in my house (inherited from my grandmother). Never dreamed I could get $450 for it ... may have to sell to finance some redecorating!

  10. Sooo many great finds. Love the bamboo philipinne seete and chair. There is really no need to buy new stuff for your home! You have for sure showed us that!
    Also, a lot more fun when you find that great second hand piece, makes one pround:)!

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  12. I am so glad I came across this post. I recently bought 3 cane chairs similar to the Phillipinne one in your post and three little cane tables w/glass tops. It was a spur of the moment buy. We paid $160 for them without cushions and I beginning to think we may have over paid. I dont believe they are vintage, but they are strong and sturdy. Cant wait to get/make some cushions for them!

  13. Danielle - great finds! I believe that DC won over Atlanta, my finds this week were scarce. All those cane pieces are to-die and I have been looking for a coffee table like the Jansen one for months now.