Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What to Wear Wednesdays: Pink

When I was a little girl I had only one Barbie that I adored. I had a few others, not many, but they didn't last long as women, as I gave them all a pixie cut to resemble boys. I am not sure what a Psychologist would say about that...
My mom: "My daughter likes to turn her Barbies into boys. She also dislikes dresses, brushing her hair and I have the hardest time getting her to sit and concentrate on a craft. Instead she is outside in the woods all day doing who knows what and coming home covered in mud. What should I do Doctor?"
Psychologist: "Nothing, let her be who she wants to be...a dreamer."
Okay, sorry about that...I was lost in the clouds of my youth. So, anyway the Barbie I loved was...

Day to Night Barbie

I loved the versatility of her outfit. Reverse the skirt, take off the jacket, switch to designer shoes and voila she was ready to party! Of course, I never liked the hat...I mean who wears a hat like that to work? But, everything else fit neatly into my idea of reusing what you have...even as a child stuff overwhelmed me!

So in honor of my Day to Night Barbie and Valentine's Day here are my very pinkalicious vintage outfits of the week (full disclosure...couldn't find a sequin second hand top, so the pale pink shell is not second hand)...

and for an evening soiree...

Happy Wednesday! Do you all have plans for Valentine's Day? If so, what do you plan on wearing?



  1. Love the pink looks-- I would totally wear this! I also cut the hair of my barbies-- and my mother refused to buy me a barbie until a brunette barbie came out-- as I have brown hair and my mother wanted me to embrace being a brunette and not get any notions that blonde hair is the end all be all since that is all the barbie came in for awhile-- talk about my mother being a bit of a child psychologist:)

  2. Cute, cute, cute...I love the pink purse. I have to laugh at that Monet bracelet being vintage...Man, I'm getting old! : )

  3. LOVED!! Nothing I love more than pink- in clothes or decor. The pink purse is my favourite.

  4. What a fun post!! I am not a pink girl, nor was I a Barbie fan (that honor belonged to me sister who still has her collection preserved in perfect condition) BUT I can totally appreciate your picks and loved the segue!!

  5. Pink is the "hot" color right now as we all dream of warmer weather!
    Be sure to stop by my blog to see the latest picture frame ideas where you can add a touch of pink to your favorite photos!
    Happy Wednesday!

  6. Haa, love it! Bright pink is instant happiness!

  7. Hello and thank you for stopping by at my blog today. I love meeting new people in this fabulous virtual world we share.

    Barbie.. I still remember the thrill of opening one of those flat packed 'outfit packages'.. The endless combinations one would dream up.. the styling..the pretend scenarious. Not to mention the settings I created with so much care and imagination. Lovely memories.

    It's hot and sunny here in Sydney so hopefully I will spend it wearing a bikini.. :)

    xx Charlotta