Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What to Wear Wednesdays: Blue is for Girls

(don't try this leg action at home may hurt yourselves ;)

I wore this to my 10th wedding anniversary on 11/11/10! And yes this 11/11/11 will be our 11th odd and not planned, believe me I can't think that far ahead! Anyway, what I want to highlight is the versatility of black pants and heels. I will admit that the black pants are new and were bought immediately after spending time with my husbands extremely chic sisters, Karima and Tania, who live in London. I spent a little more than I usually do for higher quality pants, so they will last and I will have the option to consign or give to friends (that's if I ever tire of them). I have worn these pants to parties and just lounging in my home and they always look chic, except when covered in the bane of my existence hair. The shoes and shirt were both purchased at Current Boutique...yes my go-to consignment store! I have worn the shoes with dresses, skirts and even can't go wrong with a simple pair of black heels! The peacock blue silk shirt is one of my absolutely favorite shirts as I can stuff myself silly and hide in its rich reflective folds.

Hope you liked my outfit! If you're in the market for a new (new to you) pair of shoes, maybe classic black pumps or something a bit edgier, then sign up with I-ELLA online clothes consignment and partake in their promotion:

Look Good + Do Good. It's Shoes For Charity

Shoes For Charity, benefiting All Of Me Foundation, founded by Grammy Award Winning Artist, Estelle. 

What a win buy consignment and it benefits a charity to help young people gain skills to make them more globally competitive! (as a side note i am not receiving any kick back from i-ella..just wanted to share)



  1. Fabulous outfit! Loving the gorgeous blue top! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  2. i love that top! and you can pull those pants off well. that dind't come out right, but you know what i mean... my thighs can't handle skinny pants. or vice versa.
    and so funny about 11/11/11 being your 11th anniversary!

  3. Love the shoes, too. I wish I can wear that height! Lucky girl.

  4. cool outfit especcially that top...

  5. danielle, i really like the top!! and like adrienne said, i wish i could wear that height!!

  6. Danielle- You are way too pretty to keep chopping your head off!

    So happy you won my "vintage" clothing giveaway. The swap is tonight - so I'll be shopping for YOU!

    Love the blue shirt!

    Best, Loretta

  7. First of all: you are gorgeous! I agree with Loretta, stop chopping your head off. That anniversary date is something else. Blue is one of my best colors. Wear it much more than pink.

    Thanks for the sweet words to Cara on my post today--how thoughtful of you.

  8. Hey Hot Mama! Oh lala! Those pants are smokin'!

    I think I'm going to go to Current Boutique on Monday to sell some clothes I've recently purged from my closet. Care to join?!

  9. You look the outfit!!

  10. Love your shirt!! The whole outfit looks great.