Friday, February 25, 2011

Fridays Finest

If you are interested in Fresh Quince devoting a Fridays Finest post in your hometown, please 'like' Fresh Quince on Facebook or follow via Google Connect and leave a comment below to let me know where. Fresh Quince will dedicate the first Friday of every month to cities of your choice! I have a few places lined up so far... Minneapolis, Virginia Beach and Raleigh. I truly look forward to 'travelling' around the country once a month and possibly finding just what you've been looking for!

Here are my fave's on DC's Craigslist right now...

Glass Top Lucite Dining Table $250 {i have seen lucite lamps more expensive than this}...
image 2227538424-0

Inspirational image for the lucite table above...
Timothy Whealon via Elle Decor

Queen West Elm headboard and frame $300 {the combination new would cost over $600. maybe paint if you're feeling saucy. maybe red}...
image 2222263470-0

Antique Ceramic Asian Lamp $130 {a blast from the 50's past. vintage lamps can be pricey}...
image 2229142043-0

'50's Modern' Rocker $100 {oh shoot forgot to link. a fun conversation piece}...
image 2223461487-1

French Country Dresser and Mirror $200 {pretty. this girl can be dressed up or down depending on your style}...
image 2227493428-0

2 Wassily Chairs $125 {hot price. hot chairs}
image 2226229879-0

Hot inspirational interior for the above chairs...

Uttermost Raindrops Mirror $200 {brings in an element of light and airiness if you have too many frames}...
image 2224885151-1

You could hang the mirror above in your bedroom (just make sure it is securely fastened)...
via flikr

Asian Peacock Panels $70 {hip above a sofa}
image 2224406332-0

Ikea Desk $79 {nice streamlined desk and it's already assembled for those that dislike ikea}...
image 2221743355-0
Large Hexagon Mirror $50 {love hexagon shapes. remind me of bee hives and love bees.}...
image 2224110533-0

And another bedroom idea for the craigslist mirror above (honestly though i think it would be bad feng shui to hang a mirror or anything heavy above your bed, but it looks cool)...
via Marie Burgos Design blog

Beautiful White Desk $150 {just lovely and hey you don't have to paint}
image 2223178802-0

Restoration Hardware English Roll Arm Sofa $800 {adore english roll arm sofas and chairs. this one is already dressed for success in camel velvet}
image 2228045446-0

Here's how gorgeous the above sofa could look in your living room...
via decor journal

Bamboo Umbrella Stand $25{could be spray painted if that's your thang}
image 2225415693-0

2 Slipper Chairs $285/pair {sweet girls that may not need upholstery}
image 2200193852-0

Or you could do this with the above chairs...
Shaun Jackson Design

Chairs McGuire 6 $300/piece {i adore these chairs as they remind me of a spider web}
image 2230316169-0

Mid Century Modern Dresser $250 {so mad men}
image 2232217998-0

2 Mod Chrome & White Leather Chairs $80/pair {cheap and sexy. just how i like it ;)}
image 2232188187-0

Beautiful Dove Tale Lane 'Acclaim' coffee table $225 {can you believe that i was given this exact coffee table over 10 years ago and i didn't like it, so i gave it away. what was i thinking? my older eyes love it}
image 2231769290-0

Free Dresser {free}
image 2232808431-0

For the free dresser above, you could paint it blue like Cassie at Primitive and Proper did...
What a transformation, right? Click on Primitive & Proper to see the full story!

Vintage Ginger Jar Lamp $75 {sumptuous pagoda red lamp. great price too}...
image 2231290749-0

Milo Baughman Style Console $250  {a real beauty for sure}...
image 2230083965-0image 2230083965-1

Sunny Yellow Patio Set $60 {are you ready for spring? you will be with this lovely set. i'll bring the tea and biscuits}...
image 2232693494-0

Free Dresser {paint}...
image 2164706746-0

Large Asian Style Armoire $349 {this looks like a real substantial piece. love the red! i think my friend doreen from style maniac would fall for this beauty}....
image 2231919041-0image 2231919041-1

Jens Risom Style Walnut Reversible Table $150 obo {buy this and why not offer to buy that gorgeous orange sofa behind it}...

Hope you all were inspired to search Craigslist before going the retail route! And remember to comment to let me know where you would like me to go for a Fridays Finest tour of your town.

Have a happy weekend! xx Danielle


  1. what is really funny is i saw that free dresser and thought, "wow, that is so similar to the one i just did!" and then there you go....
    LOOOVE that desk and the yellow patio set! is it spring yet? let's pretend it is not rainy and windy.

  2. Wow, all great finds. Craig is king!!!

  3. As you know, I think expanding your Friday's Finest Finds nationwide is a FANTASTIC idea!

  4. I absolutely adore this series you do! It is fabulous...the finds and the inspiration you give your readers! I completely agree with your comment on my blog...I feel the same way.

  5. You have a total gift at finding these incredible deals!! Great job!!

  6. I am fascinated with what you are doing. Pretty much furnished my whole house with second hand purchases which makes everything have provenance. I wish I still had some decorating projects to do as you are so inspirational. Nowadays I just tweak things a little.
    I started a blog this winter to tell the story of 30 years in the same house. Next week, I plan on starting a before and after tour of most of the rooms. Having spent the winter scanning in all the old photo albums, I have been blown away by the cumulative changes over the years.
    In case you're interested:

    I would love it if you would tackle Cleveland some Friday!


  7. You always find the best the wassily chairs!! Thanks for your comment and unfortunately, Danielle, you have to resubscribe to our blog for the old french chair listing not to show up...the perils of changing blog hosts!! Happy weekend!

  8. Such great finds!! Wish I had room in my place for some of these. Have a great weekend!

  9. I love your blog! How about Myrtle Beach CL sometime? Thank you!!

  10. These are gorgeous! Loving those starbursts and rocking chair! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  11. Obviously, after reading this post I realize how many great stuff there are to be found out there on the second hand market. I just love it! Personally I´m a proud owner of a Marcel Breuer-Wassily chair plus one of those raindrop mirrors, love´em both:)!

  12. Danielle, Albany, New York! I fear it might be slim pickings, though...