Monday, February 28, 2011

Color Recall: The 1960's

The following is number two in the series called color recall written by my mother...

Color-wise, the 1960’s are somewhat a blur, not because of any psychedelic  experience (honest), but because our family spent that era overseas.  But I do recall a plethora of EARTH colors every time we returned to the US.  

via English Textile Designer John Hopper's Flikr collection 

Appliances had suddenly morphed from white or off-white to harvest gold, avocado green or a bronzey brownish color that reminded me of shiny rust. 

Vintage Kitchen Aid Mixer

And who goes for shag carpets now {i do}?  Earth-toned multi-color shag carpets looped through every room of our 60’s era house that we bought in the early 80’s.  


Of course, there were some avant -garde decorators who went for the psychedelic look, but most mainstream décor in the 60s was all about earthiness. 

Thinking back to our overseas experiences, I wonder if any of those pink and black tiled bathrooms still exist. 

We lived in lovely homes, but the bathrooms were more than likely tiled in black and pink, two colors that are extremely hard to make earthy. I still can’t bring myself to wear or decorate with black and pink.   

By: Sandy Tuberson

Much appreciated mom!!! I must say I actually like the first two interiors, they have potential to look current with a little finesse. Below are fresh modern takes on 60's decor:

You could paint your walls a deep rich avocado green. To modernize the look add bright white accents, gold tones and a splash of true blue...
Nick Olsen's Apartment using Ben Moore Paint in Oregano. via domino 

I have posted this before and I'm sure I'll post again, as I just adore this living room below with the shag rug...

Instead of a pink and black bathroom, why not kitchen...
hot pink, black and white modern kitchen

Have a wonderful week! xx Danielle


  1. Love the mother-daughter post! And shag rugs. And crisp white to set off unusual colors.
    My grandmother had a black & pink tile bathroom in her Long Island home, and my in-laws have a yellow & black tile bath in their current home in North Carolina. I was too young to help out with the former, but for the latter I chose a gorgeous Osborne & Little wallpaper--black background with golden yellow birds, branches and birdcages. It's so stunning you don't even notice the tile.

  2. I definitely remembering childhood rooms. The kitchen in that last images is one of my absolute favorites!!

  3. Jill's living room is a delight Danielle!

    Everything comes around again!!

    Join my Artfful Offering and Read a great Interview at my site.

    Art by Karena

  4. Hi glad to have found your blog, 2 months today I was inducted into blogworld and loving it still! I love the above looks especially the yellow and white room by Jill Crawford and that bright pink lacquered kithchen..what wow factor they both have!!
    Great post...please visit me at my new blog about the building of our new home and my passion for decor and design (we have that in common)
    Have a great day...

  5. this is such a fun series that has got me thinking about how the country's state effects the style and colors of the time. like right now with the economy being in such rough shape, people are loving white and i wonder if it has to do with people needing a clean start... and now color is really emerging again it seems- is that a sign of hope? maybe i am reading too much into it, but that is what i wonder about!

  6. What fun - love that you did this with your mom!! Of course loving the modern versions better. My old house, which was from 1939 had pink and black bathrooms, actually one was gray and maroon - I know some love them but I was not one of them - they, and the kitchen, were the first things to go!!

  7. Danielle- How do I get my mother to write for me? You re so lucky!

    The pink and black kitchen is amazing! And a "vintage look" in that there is no island - just a great kitchen table!


  8. This such a great series....funny how some of these styles have come back...just with a few new twists!!!!

  9. Seriously- this post is divine. Hearing the colour take from your mum is BRILLIANT ... Can't wait for more Colour Recall

    Amanda xxx

  10. Color galore... I LOVE it!!

    Happy Tuesday Dear! xo

    Oh, and pop by today for my perfume GIVEAWAY!!

  11. love those colors, simply fab!

  12. awesome post! I love the team up!

    I appreciate good 60s design, but I think it would be lost in my own home. However, whenever I see it, it kind of makes me want to change everything about my own, earthier home, and embrace it. TThe proportions are a little edgy, and you feel a little cooler just being there :)

  13. This post was like candy for my eyes!