Monday, February 21, 2011

Color Recall: 40's and 50's

I am hosting a new series called 'color recall' written by my dear mom...Sandy!
While some people may spend a lifetime without giving serious thought to color, I think about it all the time.  The other night I was recalling my aunt’s kitchen in the 1940’s and 50’s.  Her appliances were aqua and her kitchen accessories pink.

Image via History Scoop

 I realize now that she kept up with modern trends even though I didn’t realize it at the time.  For instance, her decorative objects had all the earmarks of 50’s design:   a starburst clock, a sleek black leopard statue, fiesta ware, and boomerang shapes on fabric cushions.  

fiestaware via you go girl

Vintage black ceramic panther

boomerang fabric via no pattern required

Her kitchen table and chairs were vinyl with metal trim—the table top was a mottled gray faux marble—I frequently see people who are trying to get the 50’s look by buying similar sets at flea markets .  I really admired two Chartreuse clad Asian ladies that served as lamp bases in her living room.   Coincidentally, they resemble a second-hand lamp that currently sits in the living room of Fresh Quince...

This aunt favored aqua, pink, black, and chartreuse during that era—she was also the one who made delicious fried pork chops and ate the all surrounding fat (it was crispy and delicious).  Her more delicate sisters (one of whom was my mother) discarded this part and severely warned that there would be dire consequences of eating pure fat.   These warnings went unheeded and my aunt  passed away in her 90s. More next week!

Written by: Sandy Tuberson

Thanks so much mom! For inspiration, below are some modern interpretations of the 40's and 50's decor...

Pink kitchen. Domino

Turquoise kitchen. Judith Balis Designs

Black Panther painting. Miles Redd

Happy Presidents Day and hope you enjoyed 'color recall'!!!!


  1. oh i love this series! i love looking back on colors throughout time, and how fun that your mom is doing it!

  2. Great post. I adore these colors and the resurgence of Chinoiserie accents. Puts me in a happy mood!!!

  3. Neat series! I did my kitchen in turquoise & I was inspired by my neighbor who still has the 1950's turquoise kitchen...appliances & all! Even her adjoining laundry room still has a turquoise washer & dryer!

  4. Such a fun post! You aunt sounds as if she were a fun loving lady!

  5. Danielle- Your Mom is so cool! I wish she had pictures of her aunt's house for us to see. I really enjoyed her descriptions.

    How fun she is writing a series for you!


  6. Lovely recount on your auntie's house. It's always so interesting to see the homes of elderly people. So many design treasures and even intact rooms in the styles of the past. I love it.

    The 50s was such a 'light' decade. Just after the war and before the up-swing in the 60s. Would have been a fun time.

    Thanks for sharing.

    x Charlotta

  7. Danielle, you have me hooked, need your opinion on a set for Hayden's room that I saw on Craig's List. And ten years from now when we get around to the kitchen, it might just be pink, must find reasonable AGA on ebay or something :) Thank you Sandy!

  8. I have totally enjoyed part 1 in this new series of yours! I find it to be interesting and inspiring.
    I love color, yet I have only white walls in my own home. I admire people whom are not afraid to paint their walls in rich colors.
    Years ago I painted my first 1-room apartment in a rich red color though. People around me thought this was an insane idea but I loved it. On my red walls I then put a grande hot pink Marilyn Monroe-poster made by Andy Warhol. Where did that fearless part of me go I wonder:)!
    Happy new week!

  9. What a fun post idea...adore the retro bright colors!!

  10. Wish I could see pictures of the real kitchen that your aunt created, it sounds great.

    It's funny to look back and remember the homes of different relatives. I had an aunt who decorated her home with all types of accessories she picked up on her travels. My grandmother's house back in the 70's was filled with pieces that people are once again looking for. My own mom had an amazing sunburst mirror that I wish she'd hung on to, it would be perfect for my home.

  11. So excited about this weekly post! Can't wait to see and learn more.

  12. Great series! Avocado green was my Mom's 70's kitchen...she loved it so much!!!!

  13. Fabuloso post! I look forward to more.