Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Random Acts of Blogging...My Cats

Last week I created a calendar that I wanted to share with you all, but it just was not up to 'Fresh Quince of Lyon Village (my neighborhood) style,' as my husband said. The initial plan was a Pin-Up Calendar featuring the following hot models...

The Models:

Mickey (aka Fatty McFatty): Handsome and ever so charming especially when in desperate need of food, which is pretty much all of the time.

 Pumpkin (aka Main Man): Rugged, aloof and not the most faithful of men, he's been known to play the field quite often. So don't be surprised when he is gone for a few weeks and he comes home smelling of cigarette smoke and you don't smoke. 

 Custard (aka Girlfriend): Gorgeous, sweet and always at the ready for some serious lovin'. This lady has a purr that just won't quit!

 Milou (aka My Little Black Pony): Stunning with a personality to match. This beautiful gal is up for an adventure any time of the day and if you let her in your home she's been known to 'you know what' on a sofa or two...who doesn't find that charming!?!

And here are some pin-up poses...

Yes they are all my cats and a kitten was on my wish list for Christmas, but instead I got a gift certificate to a consignment shop...I think my husband is concerned that I will become a crazy cat lady someday. 


  1. Your cats are lovely! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  2. Oh, love your cats!!! I have a beloved West Highland Terrier named Tuffy...and need to do a calendar featuring him too! Take care, Caroline

  3. Awww... what sweet cats!

    i have two myself. they do the darndest things! love them!

  4. I love the picture of Pumpkin under the table. Very Wizard of Oz...

  5. Kim...I know I just had to share that random picture. It made me giggle :)! xx Danielle