Friday, January 14, 2011

Fridays Finest Finds

My fave's on Craigslist in DC...

Set of 6 BRNO Chairs $1080 (don't you wish your chairs were HOT like these...don't you?)
image 2158118867-0image 2158118867-1

Modern Glass Dining Table $250 (i'm lovin' this chic)
image 2149813430-0image 2149813430-1

Fabric Wrapped Armchair $30 (reupholster this bad boy)
image 2158162062-2

I'm thinking teal fabric for the chair above and they could look gorgeous like the benches below...
Angie Hranosvsky

Or it could look stunning in pink silk...
Kelly Wearstler

Decorative Indonesian Antique $830  (my husband is half Indonesian, i'm thinking that's the ticket i'll use to get this stunning i have room for it you ask? uh no, but it's awesome)
image 2156154400-0image 2156154400-2

Persian Rug 9 x 12 $425 (i'm going to have to confirm with my wonderful sister-in-laws parents about this one, they are Iranian, have countless Persian rugs and know a lot about them. if it's too legit to quit, then the price is amazing)
image 2151976403-2image 2151976403-1

2 Kennedy Center Antique Trunks $50 (would make cool coffee tables with great storage)
image 2150948842-2image 2150948842-0

Wing Back Caning Chair $125 (nice solid piece and i love caning painted)
image 2146769708-0

The above chair has serious potential, see below...
Kashini Perera

Large Light Blue with White inset Border Rug $50 (if it is stained, then put a chair over that spot...this is a great first rug if you are on a budget)
image 2154453736-0

Bamboo Detailed Dresser $250 (this is probably not the prettiest yellow in person, as i have a similar one and painted it right away and honestly i would go way low, sorry seller but it's kinda overpriced)
image 2149868621-1

You could paint the above dresser white...
Image via Design*Sponge

Or you could paint it quince...
My side table found on the side of the road.

Or you could paint it dark grey...
Can't remember where I found this.

Orange West Elm 9 x 10 Rug $100 (nice large rug, let's pair it with patterned chairs, white sofa and glass coffee table with a faux zebra rug on top)
image 2153821852-0

Cabinet and Mirror $350 (fabulous corner cabinet, so chic and love the hooks on the mirror for hanging)
image 2156499096-1image 2156499096-0

Chinioserie Dresser $400 (this is a real beaut! i would remove the mirror and use that in my bathroom. then use the dresser as a sideboard in my large dining room...oh wait i don't even have a real dining room)
image 2153651661-0

Antique Mirror $75 (i'm thinking pink. great entry piece, will add height to a room)
image 2155107492-0

2 Pink Hollywood Regency Headboards $30/pair  (totally cute for my little girls room...ok i need to get out of my dream world, wish i had 2 little girls to buy these for)
image 2147893313-0

Aubusson Rug $500 (wow great price for an Aubusson)
image 2149222037-0

Painted Antique China Cabinet $400 (i just had to share this colorful lady...i think she's gorgeous and in the right room would be fantastic, why not live a little? do something unexpected!!!)
image 2151767418-0image 2151767418-1image 2151767418-3

Have an awesome weekend!!


  1. Great finds! Love the bamboo chest and the cane wing chair!!

  2. These finds make me squeal with delight! Loving that wing back caning chair...I just want to get a paint brushed hand on it!

  3. You know I am all about kids stuff these days. Wish my daughters room wasn't the size of a shoebox or I would snatch those headboards up with a quickness! sighhh I think I need an awesome vintage daybed.

    Now, don't I wish I have $1080 for those chairs!

    Tonight I'm painting furniture...wanna help? LOL Monday is a great day for thrifting! Maybe I can find that sideboard.

    Upholstery projects??? UGHH I have so many I could scream. I need to take a class or find a reasonable person to do them all. Suggestions?

  4. Love persian/oriental rugs...they add such a great layer to a room! And the yellow faux bamboo side table/dresser...completely over-priced...but a wonderful piece! Great finds! Happy Friday! Caroline

  5. that chinoiserie cabinet! i want i want i want!

  6. Amazing finds! Those pink headboards.. sigh :) x

  7. Danielle, nice to meet you! We are local and I just stumbled across your blog while recognizing this stuff from the DC/NOVA craigslist. so great to have another local blog to check :)

  8. ps just realized I should share who "we" are:

  9. Hi Danielle! I want to buy it all, then buy a another house so I can fit it all in. Just been out celebrating my "health" with some house guests from out of town. Crazy huh?

  10. I bet you had a hard time leaving without buying anything. The mirrors are gorgeous! Happy weekend, Kellie xx

  11. Such great finds - love the trunks!!

  12. ohmygoodness - i would have flipped my lid to find those pink tufted twin headboards!!! i recently found a pair of vintage spindle beds for my girls and i painted them dark pink - so cute.