Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Favorite Find (that took over 20 years to get)

My parents had no lighting in their dining room for over 20 years.  The reason:  they couldn't find a light fixture that they both agreed would be perfect over their dining room table.  This is how it has always been with these two.  Last weekend at the Big Flea in Chantilly, VA, they finally saw the light.  Yes, there it was hanging in a small booth manned by a dealer from Lebanon, PA.  My mother saw it first and since she only had 25 cents in her pocket, she made a mad dash to find my father who is always way ahead because he only looks at booths with glass displays (more on that later).  She grabbed his arm and dragged him back to the booth where the dealer had put a "sold" sign on it, knowing my mother was dead serious about this purchase   My father took one look and said "that's the one".   So they took it home with great care and then the second phase of what usually happens between these two took place.  Of course, my mother wanted it hung immediately, and my father (believe it or not) said "what's the hurry?"  After much badgering and scurrying around for tools (which he can never find), he finally hung the fixture.  As soon as night fell, the lovely, vintage French chandelier shed its warm glow over the dining room table and there was peace in the household (well at least for the time being).

And here is the gorgeous chandelier that took over 20 years to find...

And another view...

Can you all believe it took that long??? I must say...I can! 


  1. Danielle- It's darling. How did you see your food before it?


  2. Loretta...hahahaha! With many candles and you know what...I loved that! xx Danielle

  3. Aww, its sort of a sweet story ( and it looks really cute too!) Just stumbled upon your blog and can't wait to read more!

  4. Wow. Just stumbled upon your blog. Great! Love the chrome chairs. And we are neighbors, actually. I'm in McLean, military transplant from San Diego.

    Thank you for your inspiration. Keep up the great work.



  5. Oh, I love it...perfect for the room!!

  6. What a great story...I love the shades!

  7. That is so funny that it took them forever to agree on a light! When you want something to be just right though, I guess the wait is worth it!