Friday, January 7, 2011

Fridays Finest Finds

Here we go yo! Awesome (at least I think so) finds on Craigslist in DC...

Campaign Style Desk $1200 (i know pricey, but this bad boy is worth every penny and i am pretty sure if found at an antique store it would be extremely expensive)
image 2146791043-3

Wingback Chairs with Schumacher fabric $850/pair (these are already upholstered in a designer fabric and i think would look awesome in a shamrock green room with a baby blue modern sofa)
image 2140475900-1

The chairs above remind me (i know different shape and different fabric, but the essence is the same) of the uber talented Lauren Leiss of Pure Style Home living room chairs...

Pale Blue Velvet Loveseat/Sofa $125 (looks a tad slippery, but could just be silk velvet...this is a see in person and then decide deal, but at the same time, the price is ab fab)
image 2146090524-0image 2146090524-1

Antique Boudoir Settee $125 (i want this settee has recently been re-upholstered in a navy/white stripe with kelly green trim, gorgeous huh?)
image 2144160986-0

The above settee made me think of this living room designed by the mother/daughter team of Good Bones, Great Pieces...

2 Wicker Chairs $50/both (simply clean lines, perfect for a sun porch...i see the cushions recovered in a fun pattern, which would be easy enough to do. just e-mail me if you need help)
image 2146042252-0

Modern White Dining Chairs $75/all (great price and would match any decor, also perfect for kids)
image 2146398238-3

Antique Twin Headboard $100 (it always amazes me that i can love ultra modern and very ornate at the same time)...
image 2140460620-1

Asian Antique Replica Armoire $200 (the inside is bright red and remember it does not need to be used as a tv stand, think outside of the box. i have 3 similar white ones and i use them as dressers. or how about using it as a linen closet)
image 2145467866-0

Glass Coffee and Side Table $10 (uh...the price, need i say more...maybe tone down the shiny gold with matte gold if you wish)
image 2145136262-1

Pair of Vintage Stiffel Lamps $125 (the balls are actually ostrich eggs, cool huh. change the shade to something modern like ruby tuesday's did)
image 2142970059-0

Drexel Heritage 'Tai Ming' Bedroom Suite $1150 (high price, but look what you will get! and you don't have to stencil a red dragon around your bedroom if you don't want to...i would use that stencil sparingly, because it kinda feels like march of the dragons, instead of wow cool image. honestly though theses pieces are gorgeous and so hot right now)
image 2138426934-1image 2138426934-3

image 2138426934-0image 2138426934-2

Chrome and Glass Coffee Table $95 (simple clean lines and would bring in a lot of light to a dark living room)
image 2142825523-1

Beautiful Modern Chrome Side Table $200 (a tad pricey, but a great side table for a small space)
image 2142000633-0

Gus Modern Sofa $950 (a beauty for sure, great color. i see it in a mans apartment with a deep rich chocolate wall and lots of zebra and chrome)
image 2140334466-0
Or the sofa above could look this hot in a room like this...
Palmer Weiss

4 Brand New West Elm Dining Chairs $100/each (these look comfy and would match most decor)
image 2142187253-0

Gold Antique Gigantic Entry Mirror $400 (the piece du wish i had a home big enough to handle this gorgeous piece, nice coffee table too)

Oh Lonny, how do I love thee! Below is a fantastic inspirational image for the mirror above sourced from Lonnymag...
Dec 2010

Hope you may have found something to your liking! Have a fabulous weekend!!!!


  1. Great finds!! I really want that navy with kelly green trimmed settee too...125.00 is a wonderful price especially since it has been recently updated!! Take care, Caroline

  2. people in DC get rid of the best stuff!

  3. Danielle- I like the Antique Boudoir Settee - nice proportions! What a great find.


  4. I wish I had a house big enough to get it all- what amazing finds!

  5. Danielle - i can't find a buffet for my family/playroom, but it seems like you have better luck than I...can you find me one? You know my taste! LOL Let's go "hunting." Tami

  6. Tami...hahaha, I was about to e-mail you and tell you that your home is definitely have an great eye and I would really like it if you shared the completed nursery, it's going to be fantastic! And I'll be on the look out for a buffet and send it your way as soon as I find it! Let's go hunting for sure! xx Danielle

  7. Love the settee! Super cute and nice low arms.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I have entered you in the giveaway!! :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  8. Danielle, will do. Just as soon as I can manage to get started. LOL. Thanks so much on the compliment on my home, it is amazing you could tell in the mess. Let's plan a day to get our hunt on.

  9. I love a good find!
    Happy new year!

  10. I so want the settee too. Good thing you didnt link it ;)