Monday, January 10, 2011

A Favorite Find: Therese in Camas, Washington

Therese was the inspiration that sparked "A Favorite Find" on Fresh Quince. A few weeks ago she sent a lovely e-mail about being a new subscriber and wanting to share her most recent score on Craigslist, because she knew that I would appreciate it and boy did I... 

This is the incredible headboard that she discovered...

And this is what she did with it, she stained it black...

Gorgeous huh? I was so impressed that I thought you all would enjoy it as well!!! 

To continue, last night I was perusing the Serena and Lily catalog and came across this... 

I thought of Therese right away! So incredibly similar, don't you all think? I love it both black or white!!! Unfortunately Serena and Lily do not sell the headboard, the image was highlighting the bedding only.

Thank you so much Therese for being my muse!!! I plan on sharing her lovely home in the future, as it is filled with many more fantastic Craigslist go girl!!! 

I would love to share all of my followers favorite second hand items, so please send them to  freshquince.danielle@gmail. And thanks to those that already have!!


  1. It sort of looks like an fence from an antique store. What a great idea for a headboard.

  2. Oh, love black or white!! Take care, Caroline

  3. I was just looking at that latest and greatest Lonny mag and lo and behold they had the exact same Serena and Lily image as I posted today...totally weird! Hope you all have an awesome week!!!

  4. That is one fab headboard...I love it in white.

  5. wow, what a find! its gorgeous. lucky lady.

  6. wow, that headboard is AMAZING! what a great find.

  7. Yes, I agree. It is beautiful in either black or white! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  8. Danielle- Gorgeous find, and I love the black paint job. So unique!