Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Holiday Pianist and Design

My son recently started piano lessons and loves it! After 3 classes he learned 2 holiday tunes and wanted to share...

My husband bought the keyboard on (you guessed it) Craigslist! Now that it is apparent music will be apart of my sons life, I am interested in getting a piano and of course it will be used. That means I will have to fit it into my decor, so I canvassed the net for pianos in interiors. This is just a handful of images I found...

Scripps Howard

Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac Home 

Traditional Home

Rothswchild Sargeant

Robert Hadley

Jeffrey P. Elliot

Martin Lawrence Bullard

All of these designs are gorgeous! But alas I don't have the space yet even for a stand up piano. When I do the addition on my home eventually (yes I know not the greenest, but as my parents age they look to me to step into their hosting shoes and I have a large family), I will add a piano and probably a stand up because my addition will not be huge and I am thinking paint...

source unknown

source unknown

So my plan is do an addition, keep my son in piano lessons (thanks goodness he loves it), purchase a second hand stand up piano and paint it a fun color! I can't help it, but I love color and lots of it!!!

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  1. i love the idea of having a painted piano!

  2. Sounds very glam and fabulous! What color will you choose?

  3. I love the painted pianos, but I love the pianist more. A future Chopin?

  4. Oh, fun! I took piano lessons all my life...but never thought of a painted piano! My husband and I also need to keep in mind a space for a piano too while we are drawing up re-modeling plans! Good idea! Take care, Caroline

  5. I am thinking green...I seem to never tire of that color in all shades!

  6. We are having a similar discussion about pianos. Everyone in my husband's family is musical and I so want my girls to be too. It's like speaking another language and serves people so well for their whole lives. Great round up of images!

    The green piano is from Design Mom:

    she painted it herself! I love the look of a painted piano, and did a whole post on them for AT last year:

  7. Thanks Leah! Unfortunately when I saved it, I never put where I got it from.

    And awesome...can't wait to see your post! Thanks for sharing!! xxDanielle