Friday, December 10, 2010

Fridays Finest Finds

A side note:  A huge Thank You to all of you for the very sweet compliments about my seriously  means a lot to me!! I am so happy to have you all join Fresh Quince as well and I look forward to hearing what you have to say. I will contact the winner next Wednesday evening and announce it on Thursday!!! Thanks so very much :)!!!! And for those that haven't had a chance to enter my pottery giveaway, go here.

Below are my top finds in DC Metropolitan's Craigslist....

Shabby Chic Dresser $100 (great bones and simply sweet for a girls room or could be painted a manly shade of teal)
image 2104643793-1

Swoop Armchair $120 (simple and sweet, could fit with any decor really)
Product Image Swoop Armchair - Floral

7 Piece Brown Sectional $70 (great starter piece and looks so inviting for an afternoon snooze)
image 2093725114-0

With all of the money you save on the above sofa, you could do this...
Jane from Pear Tree House via AP

Black Lacquer Buffet $125 obo (great buffet for a chic space...light blue walls, large gilt mirror and tons of liquor on top ;). if you're interested in making lemon verbana vodka, go here to a previous post i did)
image 2097257712-0

Gorgeous Gilt Console Table $200 (no words...this is incredible!!!!!!!)
image 2096716202-0image 2096716202-1

Vintage Striped Velvet $225 (fabulous shape and could go in a cream with green living room very easily)
image 2074657163-0

French Style Cane Sofa $600 (so very Wisteria...i would re-upholster the cushion in a white/cream/celedon green linen and add to the sun room i don't have)
image 2103439339-2image 2103439339-1

Or you could paint the trim of the above sofa in white like chairs in the image below (great for a beach home)...
Image: courtesy Wisteria

White Upholstered Living/Dining Room Chairs $250 (2 armless and 2 with arms...would look gorgeous around a black round table)
image 2104793287-0image 2104793287-3

Chippendale Sofa with Matching Chair $125 (it's the ball and claw feet that have me loving these, paint them cream and upholster in Pantone's 2011's hottest color - honeysuckle)
image 2101034484-3image 2101034484-0

8 x 10 West Elm Chevron Rug $125 (it's chocolate and cream with an oh so delicious price...don't you agree?)
Zigzag Rug, 2'x3', Ivory/Espresso/Flax
I could show about a billion images with chevron rugs looking amazing, but I really love the Miles Redd bedroom below...
Courtesy: Domino

2 Vintage Velvet Chairs $150/pair (re-upholstery and paint...need i say more)
image 2090720685-1

The chairs above could look as gorgeous as the pink velvet chair in this image...
Rita Konig

Or the craigslist chairs could be painted black with mustard yellow velvet like these...

Faux Bamboo Desk & Hutch $225 (no harm is offering less for these beauties)
image 2103201986-0image 2103201986-1

The desk above reminds me of the desk MOS painted awhile back, to see the post go here, they did a fabulous job as evidenced below...

Danish Mid-Century Armchair $178 (totally Mad Men)
image 2100139466-0

Jonathon Adler Lampert Velvet Sofa $650 (wow...this is an incredible deal, you can't even get a large ikea sofa for this price. i see it in a guys hip living room, he could even get the coffee table way below and he's set, actually he could also purchase chevron rug above and he has an awesome living room for a little above $1000)
image 2100021651-1image 2100021651-0
image 2100021651-2image 2100021651-3

Lacquer Sofa Table $95 (great bones and just needs some touch up, but would be perfect behind a long velvet sofa)
image 2103583490-0

Modern Coffee Table CB2 $300 (i would offer less, why not try)
image 2098996486-0

Custom Jonathon Adler Modern Sofa $1400 (i know this is pricey, but you have to pop over to the post to read why they are selling it...some people have serious money. i don't think i need to add an inspirational image for this beauty...these people are already on the right track-nice orange lamp)
image 2099438505-0image 2099438505-1

Green Velvet Sofa and Loveseat $900 (i would most def. offer less, but they are pretty hot pieces or break them up...i love love love the color green!!!)
image 2104571893-0image 2104571893-1

Here's an inspirational image for the above sofa...
Source: unknown

3 Vintage Shield Back Chairs $90/all (great price and if the fabric is nice, then no need to re-upholster if it matches your decor)
image 2098912560-0

Here's an inspirational photo for the chairs above, if you are tight on space then 3 chairs are perfect. I love the shield Swedish...

And here's a similar chair from Wisteria for $549:
Well-Rounded Raj Chair

Swedish Rococo Painted Armchair $900 (had to add this Swedish beauty)...
image 2099521469-2

Last, but not least...below are some great finds in honor of the Pantone color for 2011: Honeysuckle
Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2011

4 Hot Pink Dining Chairs $200
image 2090071064-1

Victorian Style Sofa $250
image 2101631214-0

Shabby Chic French Settee $200 (the color is a tad off, but so cute)
image 2095151524-0

Hope you are inspired to go buy second hand like I always am! 


  1. Fabulous!! I so wish I could buy many of them! Take care, Caroline

  2. Love your finds - definitely agree on the gilt console table. AMAZING!!

  3. fabulous fabulous finds! And dangerous too, kind of makes me want to spend all of my Christmas money on a new home look...for myself :)

  4. OH my goodness so many amazing finds! I am in aw!


  5. I just stumbled upon your blog and this post told me we would be great thrifting friends! I am getting a sofa recovered as my Christmas present this year and I'm thinking about doing it in velvet, just got some great inspiration!

  6. Awesome Evie...velvet is lovely for sure and always chic!