Friday, November 12, 2010

Fridays Finest

Here are my favorite Craigslist finds in the DC Metro area...

1960's Dining Set $500 for everything including the hutch and sideboard (a lot for a little and if you wanted, some sliver grey paint with yellow/cream chevron fabric would look pretty darn gorgeous)...
image 2053498199-0image 2053498199-2

Arne Jacobsen style Egg Chair reproduction $480 (originals are quite expensive)...
image 2042562359-0

How awesome could the above chair look in your home? This awesome...

Thommaso Ziffer

Peter Russman

West Elm Swivel Leather office chair $175 
image 2045890770-0

Chrome and glass bookshelf $75 (oh so chic for a great price)
image 2048159580-0

Peekaboo clear coffee table $100 (in excellent condition! if you all don't want, then i may just have to get this myself)...

Two West Elm Poufs $200 with 4 covers (great for casual extra setting)...
image 2043660577-0

Yellow Pod Chair $125 OBO (so mad men...I saw something very similar to these 3 years ago at my local flea market and almost got them, but I didn't have space at the time)...

Camper dresser and 2 shelfs $100 (okay at this point I need to open up a store and sell this incredible stuff...would any of you visit?)
image 2050610757-1image 2050610757-0

An inspirational photo for the dresser above (see how stunning it can look????...let's put a silver mirror above and add a nice black lamp and viola you have a gorgeous sideboard)...
source: domino magazine

Retro yellow lamp $45 (spray paint the bottom white base: silver and you have an awesome lamp)
image 2050022484-0
(tried to flip, but you get the point)

Here's a gorgeous shade to match your newly spray painted lamp (base only)...

Hollywood Regency - Dorothy Draper reproduction $165 (this just needs some repair and if you want it, i can help with that...Dorothy Draper originals cost way over $4000, so this is a steal and it is gorgeous!!!)
image 2044171698-0

Inspirational photos for the above dresser...
image 2044171698-2

Pair of Vintage Velvet Armchairs $125 for both (white paint and reupholstering)
image 2050376643-0

Polka Dot Armchair $145 (okay this is just too cute for a little girls room..if i had a little girl, watch out...holy pinkalicious!)
image 2044567500-0

Large Wing Back Chair $50 (this is one of many identical chairs on CL right now...makes me want to open up a tea shop and have all of these super relaxing chairs in fun fabrics)...
image 2047809368-0

Here's how the above chair could look, these are from Anthropologie right now and are being sold for close to $2000 (a reupholstery job that fit your personal decor would cost a lot less)...
image 2047809368-3image 2047809368-2Josef Wingback Chair, Pink Shell

Large 6 x 9 quatrefoil rug black/cream $250 (stunning and an ab fab price)
image 2043023919-0

Quatrefoil always looks chic, as evidenced in the image below...

Antique round mirror $120 (I would spray paint this white or black depending on what room I put it in or maybe silver and put it above the yellow camper dresser above)...
image 2050876198-0image 2050876198-1

His and Hers Office Chairs $100/pair...
image 2053500491-0

Credenza $200 (paint this bad boy)...
image 2052611949-0

And you could have a good boy or girl ;) like the one below...
2010 11 10 014
source: Scandinavian Chic blog

Somebody stop me! I have about 10 more items that I could show, but I need stop somewhere. Please leave a message below or contact me at if you would like the link to any of these fantastic (if I don't say so myself) finds and it's free, like having a personal shopper. 


  1. that first dining set would be stunning re-finsihed. some of your other photos are not showing up? technology can be such a pain, huh!

  2. Danielle...what browser are you using...if you don't mind me asking?

    My Technical Support (ie my really good and super helpful tech friend) told me encourage anyone viewing my blog to upgrade to one of the following:

    Google Chrome - download link (best)
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    Hope that helps!

  3. Particularly liked the yellow lamp base and gray and yellow shade. While combining these two colors isn't something that comes to mind--I'm thinking that I wouldn't immediately think of a yellow blouse to go with a gray suit...but somehow they create an aura of sophistication, especially in a contemporary setting.

  4. have a great Craigslist in DC!! Yes, you should open up a little store and sell that stuff! Take care, Caroline

  5. I definitely think you should open a shop. Those yellow chairs! That yellow cabinet! A plexiglass coffee table! That entire dining room for $500!
    As you know from my recent post [thanks for the comments}, as a decorator I do a lot of scouring for vintage stuff, so I can tell you sincerely these are incredible finds. Wish you were doing this in Philly, it would save me a lot of legwork ;)

  6. Thanks for the support ladies! I may just open up that shop sometime soon I hope...wish you all lived closer :)!