Monday, November 1, 2010


I first found out about Chairloom a year ago and I was instantly in love. They had me at "Chairloom - Reuse and Reinvent"...

Molly Andrews is the chic and uber creative owner of Chairloom. She believes that "one doesn't need to by something new to create a satisfying and inviting living environment" true Molly! Chairloom uses my two obsessions, chairs/sofas and fabric, and transforms them into unique, fresh and energetic pieces for your home.

Here are some gorgeous examples of her work (sorry these are already Sold)...

Aren't those stunning pieces???

Here are some items that are currently for sale...remember to look at the bones of the pieces and Molly Andrews will help you in creating the perfect armchair/chairs for your home...

These come with a heavy silk and sell for $525/pair as is...

Orange Selig Danish Modern Chair $375 as is (a personal favorite of mine and I probably wouldn't reupholster...great shade of orange)...

Pair of 50's vintage $700/pair as is (another favorite of mine)...

Pair of vintage armchairs $600 as is (imagine the skirt removed and some fun punchy fabric added)...

To see a list of Chairloom's favorite fabrics to the trade go prepared to see some fabulous fabrics like the one below!!!

Algiers Lotus

Chairloom is a semi-local company to the DC Metro area based out of Philadelphia, PA...that's just a hop, skip and a jump away really and imagine how much fun it would be to see all the sites Philly has to offer and then bring home an incredible armchair for your newly decorated living room!!! But, don't you all think there should be a Chairloom in every major city?

To view more items for sale and see the fresh and unique items Chairloom has already created, then become a fan on Facebook!


  1. I love the fabric choices! What a great idea. I think that Chairloom has an incredible selection, what a fun way to restore old furniture. Can't wait to see more....Thanks!

  2. This company is awesome! It's amazing how fresh a room can become by adding a funky fabric to a cool chair to give it a modern facelift! Good to know that such a cool place is so close to home. Keep them coming!

  3. Mod Green Pod loves working with Chairloom!

  4. Nancy...I love Mod Green Pod! What a fabulous collaboration between Mod Green Pod and fabric and vintage chairs..can't get much more eco-friendly than that!

  5. Chairloom is awesome! And so is your blog!!! I just discovered it, and realized that you are also the inhabitant of one of my favorite AT house calls! I've been writing for Apartment Therapy for the past 2 years and have been a reader for at least 4 more, but your house really stood out. I would love to hear from you...maybe about doing a full tour? You've done such a wonderful job!

    my email is


  6. Hi, thanks so much! I'll contact you shortly via e-mail :).


  7. I discovered Chairloom at Clover Market in Ardmore this spring (and also featured them on my blog)--great stuff! ... kind of crazy that you and I just "met" via blogland, Danielle, and have such similar taste

  8. I wanted to go to Clover Market last spring, but I didn't get a chance...maybe this Spring!