Friday, October 29, 2010

Fridays Finest

If anyone is interested in any of the following Craigslist finds in the DC metropolitan area, please contact me at and I will pass along the link. Thanks so much!

Stunning Coffee Table in Chrome $425 (a bit pricey, but looks like an expensive designer piece)
image 2021188744-0image 2021188744-3

Vintage Bamboo Detail Side Table painted in a light turquoise blue $50 (I would offer less because it is missing a handle on the bottom drawer...great piece and would make a great bedside table in any color)
image 2021459540-0

Awesome Serpentine Dresser $50 (okay this is an incredible piece for and incredible price...I see it painted in a high gloss paint in any color b/c no matter what it's going to look awesome)
image 2020244427-0image 2020244427-1

Antique Camper Dresser $150 (love this dresser! check out the comparable below...different shape and color, but super cool...I'd keep the black and gold hollywood regency)
image 2019911177-1image 2019911177-0

Image: Emily A. Clark (check out her blog here...she's super creative)

Glass Top Side Table $50 (good bones...could see a sleek modern mirror above it with a funky lamp in a fun color)
image 2020262354-0

Can Anyone Say FREE (paint and 2 best friends)
image 2022026886-0image 2022026886-1

Clamshell Chair $49 (you can guessed this and if you don't like the clamshell look then ask the upholsterer to remove it)
image 2019950124-1

Modern Sofa in Oatmeal $600 (from a reputable source...good starter piece and can alway negotiate. next tues i will discuss how to disinfect furniture from CL and what to look for when buying)
image 2023683641-0

4 Simple Chairs $35 for all (check out the comparable's below to see their potential...everything has potential)
image 2017745805-0

Not the exact chairs, but you see where I am going.
Image: Apartment Therapy

6 Great Chairs for $175 (could always offer less, but chairs are pricey...have i mentioned anything about paint? check out yet another inspirational image below)
image 2019103471-0

Use your artistic license...
Image: DecorPad

Gilt Folding Screen $125 (another inspirational photo below)
image 2019435959-1

Image: Shelter

Antique Chinese Bed $600 (this is a WOW piece and you have to check out the link to read the story behind this one...every thing has its story)
image 2025759453-0image 2025759453-1

Hope you all enjoyed and if you are interested in any of these, just email me at and I will send the link!


  1. what a great post! do you do this every Friday?
    it's amazing what some paint and new upholstery can do to a vintage piece.

    {so glad you stopped by my place, as it led me to yours.}

  2. Thanks...glad you liked it! And yes I plan to do this every Friday and maybe even add more cities. So happy to share my CL obsession with everyone!

    {so glad I did}

  3. I don't live in your area but enjoyed the shopping trip anyway! Thanks very much for visiting – lovely to have you stop by. – g

  4. Danielle,

    Love the blog! It's awesome! The mushroom man is pretty cute, too! I like the serpentine dresser and the glass top side table. Great pieces.....agree a fun paint color would be terrific!