Monday, October 25, 2010


Before I begin I must confess this is my dream job, something I have been wanting to create for like ever :)...

Spruce_storefront edit (900x600).jpg

I recently found out about this store in Austin, Texas called Spruce and I couldn't wait to share. Design*Sponge did a post about it here. It was started by a woman named Amanda Brown in 2007 as a creative outlet and now has expanded to a company of 5 highly talented women and one dude. They refurbish old furniture for resale, offer reupholstering classes to the public, sell vintage items and help clients redesign their own pieces or items that Spruce finds specifically for them to fit their current design scheme. And they have an extensive fabric selection to work from!

Here are a few pieces that are for sale...
The Great Migration Love Seat $1350
They even sell other vintage items like these...
Gorgeous stuff, gorgeous ladies that call themselves Sprucettes (how cute), and great idea that I would love to emulate!

For years I have been mulling over the idea of doing this exact same thing. I even was considering calling my company you've been spruced. But alas I decided to start with a blog and see what happens. The rent where I live is atrociously high, the only place that I could afford is above a shop. Would people come up stairs for refurbished furniture in this area...I don't know??? But this is my passion...I have been buying used stuff since I was young. I grew up in London and my stomping ground was the amazing flea markets they had every weekend and Oxfam. I got the most amazing navy blue fake fur with gold buttons that I would still have to this day, if my mom hadn't let her ancient flea ridden felines use it as a blanket while I was away at college. I also nab stuff out of the trash all of the time...I see potential everywhere and would love to share that passion with others. Just recently got some chairs similar to these out of the trash (they just need a good spray paint and viola)...
My neighbor walked by and was thoroughly jealous. It's amazing what people consider trash to me!

I would love to get your you all think a store like Spruce would do well in Northern VA???? My son is getting older and I would love to follow my dream...



  1. Until this year there were two furniture repair places in your neighborhood (one at 13th and Jackson and one on Barton or Bryan just off Lee Hwy), and I am they certainly would have benefited from your insight, creativity and help. But you don't need them! I've seen what you've done already. Replace that garage of yours with your own studio and get busy!

  2. Love your blog!
    I am a huge fan of Spruce-I look to them for inspiration for my recently started (as of October 1st!) upholstery business. I have written them a couple of times and they have been very nice and helpful with my own business questions. I hope someday to be able to carry such fantastic fabric also.
    Good luck!

  3. Thanks Angela! It's so nice to hear that they are very nice...what an awesome company! Good Luck with your upholstery business as well...I'm off to check it out!!!