Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Shall We Dine

Up next...

My dining room.

Above is the view from the entry. My builder talked me into rounded arches. I really like how they make the space feel cozier.

Yes, I have a bunch of paper party balls and a dragon lantern in lieu of a chandelier and I love it. But, here's what I plan on getting eventually...

The chandelier is from Lambert et Fils and I'm totally smitten...more smitten than the balls, if you can believe it.

Just another view. The white walls will be painted this in the spring...

It's Dollar Bill Green by Benjamin Moore. 

My Craigslist console with my ever expanding art gallery wall. I collect most art from antique stores and flea markets, but my favorite pieces are by my son Charlie. I adore his work. 

Table set for Christmas. Do you see what's missing above? I forgot to add forks, which I didn't notice until we all sat down. 

Although, one person was allowed to have a fork, two to be precise. Heehee. Forgetting something is so typical for me, usually it's napkins for some odd reason. 

That's all folks. I'll share changes as they occur. 


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