Monday, January 12, 2015

Art Deco on CL

Here's just a petite sampling of Art Deco pieces currently for sale...

I am madly in love with the desk above. I see it in a deep velvety green office with loads of builtin bookshelves and oil paintings.

Perfect for a dressing table.

Perfect lamp for the desk above.

Again I adore the mirror above, although the dude in the mirror is another story. 

Slipper chair perfection above.

Anyone need an entry armoire?

I think the peice above needs a new round mirror made for it. It's super sculptural and would add a lot of interest to a large entry.

The wood on this bookshelf is!?!

Okay, maybe not petite sampling, but great examples. I think this era single handedly deforested tigerwood, which is just a name for several varieties of tropical trees in Africa and South America...kinda sad really.


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