Monday, September 23, 2013

A Bedroom Makeover

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine showed me her and her husband's bedroom and the space was AMAZING. She had indicated that she was interested in redesigning it a bit, so instantly my mind was swirling with ideas. It has high sloped ceiling with many windows and fabulous built in closets and dressers. Not only that. it leads into a gorgeous, spacious and dramatic bathroom with a claw foot tub, window surround and charming Greco inspired mosaic tiling throughout.

Long story short I'm helping them redesign their space. Sadly I don't have high tech software to recreate the images I have in my head, but I do have pic collage and I created a few designs for them to work with. Yes I'm aware scale isn't perfect, but you get the general idea.

Here's the first design I created, it was in my head even before she asked me to help...

Contestant number 2 would you please step down...

I love the idea of a colorful mirror on a window as seen in the image above...something fresh and unexpected. I also adore the affordable bedding designed by my good friend, Jill Sorensen of LiveLikeYou.

The last design is a little brighter and lighter...

The end result will probably be a mixture of these along with a few items/elements they've chosen already. So, which one would you all choose? 



  1. Love, love, love!!! You have this amazing way of mixing elegant with whimsical, Eastern with Western, simple with ornate, neutral with colorful and rarely ever re-using a single kind of texture in a space. That, to me, is true design talent!

  2. My favorite is #1, but they are all cool and unique!

    1. And put the rug in #2 with the other elements in #1....and perfection!